Photo taken 2016My name is Jason, and I live in the Hutt Valley of New Zealand.  I have traveled the spiritual path since 1992, and have had lots of interesting (and sometimes powerful) experiences during my spiritual journey.  I feel this has helped me understand myself, as well as others, much better than before I was involved in anything spiritual.

One day, this world will be able to see with a clear spiritual vision.  At first it will be a gradual process, where Humanity begins to ascend, not according to religion, region, race or class, but rather, by soul maturity and openness.  There will then be a leap in consciousness, which will happen very quickly, which will affect each and every person who lives on this Earth, and beyond.

As each soul makes the transition into an all-positive consciousness, more of Humanity will look upon these individuals and wish to experience what they are experiencing for themselves.  Thus, the eventual ascension of the entire Human race, both in the physical and non-physical form, will take place.

For many, this will seem like a pipe-dream.  Yet, great spiritual teachers such as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Moses, Gandhi and more, have shown the way.  This world needs to change, this cannot be denied.

What is needed is a spiritual change, not a social or political one, as only when we change from the “inside out” will our positive inner experience be mirrored in our outer life, and in the world as a whole.

Enjoy your ascension, knowing that you have become a part of the “greatest story ever told”, a cherished part of God and His Creation, and sacred and precious in every respect.

Much love,