Q: Karma – Carrying the burdens of others

“I’m starting to wonder if karma doesn’t have ripple effects on all those around the main person. Like the movie the butterfly effect.”

– Tania

Something I have come to understand much better in the past year or two is a specific aspect of how others can help bear the load of our karmas.  The specific aspect is when a person passes away.  Sometimes, but not always, someone very close to the person who passed on (perhaps their husband/wife/son/daughter etc.) can take on some of the deceased persons karma, perhaps all that remains, so that person leaving for the Spiritual Realms has little or no burden to bear, and are able to live their existence in Spirit in much more peace and happiness, awaiting their time to join everyone in Paradise.

Extract:  The Collective Teachings

The impact of this transfer of karma is that the person on Earth will have to do more “clearing” than they would have normally done, as an offering to their loved one.  This may also mean that the person who has passed on will not need to reincarnate again.

The same principle applies to sharing the karmic load of others while they are alive and part of your life.  In your heart, and in your soul, you would much rather help carry the burdens of those you love rather than see them suffer more if you had not helped them.  Maybe we could all see ourselves as “ little Jesus’ ” carrying the burdens of others and healing the sick!

The real “trick” is to raise your own energy level (through meditation or some other process), so you can take on more negativity from those around you, without any adverse effects to yourself.  This principle, taken to the extreme, allows for all negativity in this world (and beyond) to be completely removed, where it is replaced with positive energy.

When someone “steps up” and says – “Hey – I want to help take responsibility for other people’s problems well as my own”, then they are allowing themselves to say to others; “You need not suffer any more, I will take your burden, and help set you free”.

Much love,


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