Q: Do U.F.O’s exist?

Posted:  26 October 2011 (updated: 20 December 2017 @ 17:00) by Jason Remfrey

The absolute answer is that no, they do not. However, the lights, shapes and other objects people see in the night sky (or anywhere else) are real – in a way.  All negative thought forms have to be expressed (or healed) in order to be cleared, the relevance of which follows.

In the case of U.F.O’s, many people over the ages have dreamed, hoped (and feared) that other life forms from other parts of our Universe would visit us, for whatever reason.

These thoughts need to be reconciled, so as a result they end up manifesting in the form of visual “effects” so the energy can be dissolved and turned into positivity.  It’s a bit like hoping for something so much it eventually manifests in your life, as is what happens with the spiritual law of cause and effect.

These “negative” thought forms can be bound together in the form of a physical manifestation (such as a U.F.O appearing), and the method for the clearing is often one or more people witnessing the event. Once witnessed, the emotional response the individual(s) have is enough to clear much (if not all) of the associated negative energy.

I hope this is a clear enough explanation.

Much love,


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