The World

So much is going on in this world, I am wondering when all the suffering will stop.  Some day, some way, it all has to change, lest we destroy ourselves through nuclear war, rising sea levels (e.g. as depicted in the movie Waterworld), starvation, water shortages (and probable war as a result), world-crippling financial collapse, asteroid collision, famine, global pandemic…  The list goes on.

What is required is not some politician or peace activist saying “hey, we need world peace”, in such a way that somehow politics, society or religion will provide the solution to all of our problems.  A change must come spiritually, but with true spirituality, from the inside out.  Inner peace, amongst other things, will bring outer peace, in a profound and lasting way.

Never mind, help is at hand.  There are those who wait in the wings for a spark, a true and powerful ray of hope, and a chance for change.  I’m not talking about any new-age theorist, but rather the true peaceful warrior’s of this world, guided by their hearts, with the betterment of all in the forefront of their hearts and minds.

May these people shine, and may they be recognised for who they are and what they have done for this world.  Musicians, actors, actresses, poets, artists, those who dance, anyone who has a real creative edge, as well as those who have a meditative bent.  These are some of the people who not only sculpt this physical world, but the invisible energy world that surrounds us, and is within us.

Everything is energy, just ask a scientist.  It cannot be denied that we are made up of atoms and molecules, and in this state, anything, and everything can be changed.  Aids, cancer, the handicapped, the mentally ill, the lame, the deaf, the blind and the hungry.  Nothing is impossible when a power that has never been seen before is unleashed upon this world, in a completely positive way.

Rise Humanity…  For you have been called.  Allow the peaceful warriors to have their way, as they lead all of us into a radiant, glorious, all-positive future.

Much love,


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