Q: Do animals reincarnate?

Posted:  04 March 2012 (updated: 20 December 2017 @ 15:45) by Jason Remfrey

The short answer is no, animals don’t reincarnate (even though this may go against established spiritual thinking).  In fact, animals are created from “strands” of the same kind of consciousness.  As an example of one of these “groups”, in the case of a lion, when a lion dies, its “energy” and consciousness returns to God and remains in the collective “lion” group, but they are not individual spirits.

These “strands” of energy are not lost.  In the New Dimension, Paradise, these strands will again be woven into the fabric of Creation, meaning new life forms will arise, in new shapes and forms, each with a consciousness of their own.

Animals that you know, animals that have passed away, and other animals that now exist on Earth will join us in Paradise.  However, your animal or pet will never be as it once was, as instead it will be perfect and happy in every way, with an entirely new, all-positive personality and nature.  It may return as something that looks completely different, or something else of its own choosing, but it won’t be exactly the same pet or animal that you once knew.

There is no negativity in Paradise, nothing to fear, and no-one (or nothing) needs to struggle to stay alive.  In Paradise, all your dreams come true.  If you would like a friend from the animal kingdom to share time with, one of God’s creatures will be there for you as a loyal companion.

Don’t limit yourself either; as I said, every animal will have the most loving, loyal and positive nature.  A dolphin can be your loyal friend, or a tiger, or a hawk or a puppy (as examples).  It won’t be unusual for one of God’s creatures to change its form from time to time in the New Dimension as its Spirit wishes.

I hope this goes some way to explaining this subject.

Much love,


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