The Future

What should be an important subject, for all of us, where we may wonder what the future holds for those we love, and this world in general.  I am not religious, but I have had a journey within Spirit, as many have, which I feel is even more important and relevant with concern to this subject especially.

It’s quite simple, if you believe in a Creator, God, or call He/She/It whatever you may wish, the future has something that has been eons in the making, for everyone, a journey that will not end in destruction, but in a reconstruction of what once was, until we arrive at our destination, a place of pure positivity.

Yes, it is obvious there is negativity in this world, and many religions, scholars and adepts have attempted to explain where and when this originated from.  I have my own ideas and feelings on this, but I feel these are not relevant in as far as the scope of this post is concerned.

Fear, hate, anger, mistrust, loathing, pain and suffering will all be things of the past.  Paradise has been portrayed in many ways by many people, but these are simply my thoughts and feelings relating to where we will eventually be (or return to) in the end.  There will be no cataclysmic “end of the world” scenario in the future.  Please refer to my post “The World” if you would like to find out more relating to my views on this topic.

Paradise is where we can enjoy all we love now, leave all we dislike behind, and enjoy so much more.  We won’t, literally speaking, live on a cloud next to God’s side, but we will live with God in our life, and forever be protected by His Grace and Love.  In case you don’t believe in God, that’s fine, God believes in you.

You have your own views, no doubt, these are simply mine, and these come from what I have experienced in my journey throughout life.  I respect everyone’s views, after all who am I to judge (and hence misunderstand) what has shaped us, and has defined us, and I love to hear what other people believe, especially if it imbues a positive tone.  This helps me to learn, grow, and appreciate this world even more.  I trust you feel the same way too.

A place of perfection awaits, and as this world is so scarred I feel that we will have a new home, not by means of a spaceship with seats for 7.5 billion, but through a spiritual event so profound it will beggar belief (we are all atoms and molecules after all, but so much more).  Nothing is lost, but only positivity will remain.  Bliss and ecstasy, without the need for any kind of drug, will become the norm.

Thank you for listening, have a great day,


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