Tobacco use

by Jason Remfrey.  Last updated:  1 January 2016 @ 14:20

Press article; Monday 23rd April 2012

The Ministry of Health has discussed raising the cost of a packet of cigarettes to $100 over the next eight years.  In a working paper presented to [The] Health Minister, the ministry suggested raising the cost of cigarettes to $100 a pack would significantly help achieve the Government’s goal of a smoke-free New Zealand by 2025.  The idea was floated in a document that the Government hike the price of cigarettes to $60 next year and then 10% every year thereafter, making the cost of a pack $100 by 2020. (continued)

My thoughts

My insights and feelings relating to the use of tobacco may differ to many other people’s thoughts, feelings and understandings…

Extract:  The Collective Teachings

Tobacco use is slightly different.  Using tobacco does not cause a great change in a person’s aura, or consciousness.  For this reason, the smoker can often become a vehicle for healing some of Mother Earth’s negativity.

Tobacco is linked directly into Mother Earth, as are other drugs (such as marijuana etc.), but tobacco, as I said, does not cause a significant change in the user’s consciousness, and the aura only extends a limited amount (closely around a person’s body), allowing an Earth Healing to take place.

The amount of earth healing that occurs depends on how powerful the individual is (on an energy level), and as with any drug, there will always be some sort of “negative residual energy” left if the smoker is not 100% clear of negativity themselves (where they are not yet fully healed spiritually).  Hence, physical side effects such as cancer can sometimes be the result.

I am not trying to encourage smoking; I am merely offering a spiritual perspective.  I agree that tobacco should not be sold to minors or advertised in any way.  Everything should be done so that smoking during pregnancy ceases, as every new life has the right to start with good physical health, and every parent should have the child that is perfect for them.

Again, if you struggle with addiction, the spiritual energy of this time will be there to help.

I also realise that in many countries there is a public backlash against smokers, and there should always be a separation between those who smoke, and those who choose not to, in as far as people’s confined personal space is concerned.  But I have found from my own experience that it is fair to be reasonable.

Don’t look at smokers as being a blight on our society, rather, look at them as doing God’s work, as strange as this may seem.

There is no need for a person to now begin smoking to feel that they can help their Mother Earth in some way.  There are more than enough people doing this already, and the dependence that comes about, and the resulting financial implications are factors that shouldn’t be overlooked.

One smoke can sometimes be all it takes for the addiction to set in.  As I said earlier, the capacity to heal the planet depends entirely on the amount of energy a person contains.

Evolved souls can often smoke until a ripe old age with little or no ill-effects, while those who are not as healed spiritually may suffer to a greater degree, but all receive a divine acknowledgment for all they have done to help our beautiful planet, even if this is after the departure to the spiritual realms.

Important update:  On the 25th of March 2013, Mother Earth was completely healed (on a spiritual level) and became free from any form of negativity.  This may seem strange, as it is obvious our planet is still “out of balance”, but this is not because of Mother Earth (as a living consciousness) in any way.  All negativity that is cleared through the use of tobacco helps the environment, and other people, generally speaking.  Mother Earth now offers herself as a “vehicle”, a way to help facilitate this process.

Although I myself do not fully understand the “mechanics” of the healing process relating to tobacco, as far as the interaction between Mother Earth and the individual is concerned, I know that this form of healing takes place.  I have experienced both aspects of this healing process, with Mother Earth using the smoker to facilitate a divine healing for the benefit of others, and smokers themselves being healed by our Mother Earth when needed.



In an article on the 1 NEWS NOW website, 12th January 2018:

The Government’s goal to make New Zealand smokefree by 2025 is now being described as “unrealistic” by the group tasked with helping people quit.

The claim comes just after tobacco tax was hiked in the hope of turning more people off the deadly habit.

Tobacco tax jumped 10 per cent on January 1. Eight years ago a packet of 20 cost $11 on average, now it’s $25.45.

That means someone who smokes a packet a day spends an extra $5274.25 every year, and a total of $9289.25 a year.

[name] of Massey University has been researching tobacco use for over 25 years and says price increases just hurt the most vulnerable who end up going without the basics.

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