Q: Is the captivity of animals appropriate?

A question to myself…  Do we even need zoos?  Decades ago they may have had their place, to a point, even though I am sure the conditions back then were a lot worse for the animals than they are nowadays.  When there was very little known about so many diverse and exotic animals, zoos may have had their place and satisfied a curiosity, but I feel in this day and age, this has changed, and there are other options.

I am not referring to people’s pets as generally speaking these make good companions and add real value to lives, and to our emotional wellbeing too, providing company and joy in so many ways.  When these precious ones are looked after and nurtured, they will only return love, as far as their capacity allows.

But there are so many quite simply outstanding documentaries available which give an incredible insight into our natural kingdom.  Thousands of hours have been spent by the dedicated and inspired capturing and relaying the most incredible spectacles of nature and our planet, and they deserve so much recognition for the service they provide.

For native species, yes, I feel there is value in being able to view these in their country of origin, in an environment which is as close to their natural setting as possible.  However restricting and containing animals that belong thousands of miles away in their native habitat does not sit right with me.

For some reason it is seen as a service to “lock up” animals purely for our visual pleasure, even if every care is taken.  For many animals they have known no other way, and could never be reintroduced into their natural environment, however I feel the chain has to stop somewhere.  Allow the medium of television and film to educate, to inform, and to promote discussion and wonder, and to encourage people to travel to see wildlife in their natural setting if that is where people feel they need to be.

Saving a Species

There is also the aspect where animals are kept captive in order to preserve their species, where their numbers are few and the survival of their species is at risk.

It is an absolute tragedy, yes, when an entire species becomes extinct, as we will never again see that form again in the flesh.  I don’t have all the answers, but I feel what can be done should be done, using appropriate methods, without violence.  However, if a species is ever lost (and thousands of flora and fauna have been lost to this world already), the life form still lives, in a very powerful way.

Every life form has an “etheric blueprint”, i.e. a spiritual form, a spiritual life force, perhaps even what could be called an “energy DNA”, and these are never lost.  In the future, in Paradise, these animals will be “resurrected” (so to speak), in an even more beautiful form, and they will walk with us side by side in love without any negativity, without any want, need, hunger or fear.


Perhaps it is too late to make any real inroads before the entry into the Promised Land, but I share my thoughts and feelings here in the hope that God’s creatures will feel freedom, and feel freedom from fear.

It has been over fifteen years since I have visited a zoo, and even then I felt I was “guided” to do so, as it allowed me to gain a new appreciation of the injustice these special ones have to suffer.  This is only how I feel within myself, but I feel this is also a feeling shared amongst the many of our animal friends who find themselves being the objects of our attention, even if they themselves don’t have any idea of what they are going through.

I may not be qualified to make such statements, but these are simply my feelings and thoughts as I offer them here.  These are not meant to be rules or regulations.  I hope this helps to promote thought, reflection and discussion amongst others.

Much love,


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