Q: How is euthanasia seen spiritually?

Posted:  02 July 2012 (updated: 15 December 2017 @ 16:50) by Jason Remfrey

This is quite an emotive subject.  The lines can seem so blurred when it comes to understanding this topic, trying to determine what is right and what is wrong.

As I have had no direct personal experience in this regard, I can only imagine people’s heartache, although I do recognise in many ways the suffering so many people must go through.  My heart goes out to you if you are personally affected.

I totally accept that such a process may well be seen as an act of compassion, so it is no wonder why it can be a difficult subject to deal with just at a moral level alone.

Much of what is reported in the media and debated in parliament is done so in a solely materialistic way, with no [non-religious] spiritual consideration whatsoever.  But for me, there is often more going on beneath any situation than is initially evident, as is with this topic of euthanasia.  Here I would like to offer my thoughts and feelings, which my own internal process of omniscience and meditation have led me to understand.

A key spiritual factor that may well put any belief or thought into perspective is that karma is incurred (or shared) by the person or people assisting with the “death process”, even if they are only indirectly involved.  This also applies to any form of death sentence or capital punishment.

Not everything the sufferer was left to experience on Earth would have taken place, whatever that might be, and upon entering the spiritual realms, they may reflect and wish they hadn’t asked for their life to be ended early after all.  It could be that they had karma left to resolve on Earth, an opportunity missed, and it may be more difficult for them to resolve this karma when they are in the spiritual realms.

Sometimes even the person who is suffering cannot fully appreciate their choice, especially where they are not aware of the spiritual considerations.  Knowing that the other people who assist them are affected on a spiritual level might also cause further reflection.

Where a person is being kept alive through artificial means (i.e. life support), where no hope can be seen, letting life pass away naturally incurs no karma, as death occurs because of a natural process.  Hence, in this scenario, the considerations behind this topic have no bearing.  However, I read an article in 2017 about a three-year-old American girl who made a miraculous recovery when all hope had seemed lost, so it must be an incredibly difficult situation for all concerned.

A powerful spiritual healing is now a primary consideration, a healing that is reaching everyone.  And of course, possible medical breakthroughs are important too, and I am heartened that there is so much available in the way of medication, medicine and palliative care.

I hope those that feel little can be done will see that something can be done, on many levels, including spiritually, even in the last stages of a person’s life.  With the exciting healing time that is with us now, God will lovingly extend His healing hands to help everyone, helping them to become whole again, in body, mind and Spirit.

Much love,


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