Shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Connecticut, USA 1

sandy-hook-shootingSuch a tragedy.  There was no reason for this to happen.  This was not a karmic event.

So much pain, suffering, anguish, loss and heartache for all concerned, especially for the parents of the precious souls who lost their lives during this event.  My heartfelt sympathy goes out to everyone affected by this terrible happening.

However, when I first heard of this “event”, I must admit I was somewhat numb to the news, not because I did not understand the gravity of what took place, but rather, and I know I am not alone in this, once again seeing a similar story repeating itself made me wonder if anything had been learned.

I happened to view David Letterman speaking about the shootings, and he reeled off a number of interesting (or perhaps I say disturbing) facts about the gun statistics in the USA.  I can’t remember the exact numbers, but since 1993 I think David said there has been around 80+ shootings in US schools.

Here I would like to recount some figures…

Number of guns per capita by country (2007)


Rank #1;  USA;  88.8 guns per 100 residents
Rank #2;  Serbia;  58.2 guns per 100 residents
Rank #3;  Yemen;  54.8 guns per 100 residents

List of countries by firearm-related death rate


Rank #1 (out of 85);  El Salvador;  50.36 deaths per 100,000 people caused by firearms
Rank #2 (out of 85);  Jamaica;  47.44 deaths per 100,000 people caused by firearms
Rank #10 (out of 85);  USA;  10.2 deaths per 100,000 people caused by firearms;  #2 (out of 85) in gun related suicide

My thoughts

All I am trying to show by the above figures is that the United States gun problem is backed up statistically, however I am sure most people don’t even need to see the above to know this for themselves.

Although I have been in the USA a few times (briefly, or just traveling through), things need to change.

The United States has made their own bed (so to speak).  However it is not too late to do something about it.  An amnesty is required, but this would only have some effect if this was backed up by a global change in awareness, where people say “Hey, I don’t need this in my life, God’s Grace and Protection is with me, and I am safe within myself”.  When this takes place, and a person knows within themselves that this is true, needs for so-called security and paranoia will slip into the past, and become like a distant memory.

Feel free to comment on this post if you wish, I hope this provokes interest and discussion.

Much love,


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