Preparing when no preparation is necessary…

The following is an extract from a typical “Doomsday Shelter” website, where companies offer the chance to escape (or at least initially survive) any cataclysmic “end of the world” scenario…

Our self-contained shelter complexes comfortably accommodate community groups from 50 to 1,000 people, in spacious living quarters, outfitted and stocked for a minimum of 1 year of autonomous survival to ride out the potential events.  Every detail has been considered and planned for.  Members need to only arrive before their facility is locked down and secured from the chaos above.

I must admit the idea sounds cool 🙂 even if it is a waste of time in my opinion.  It would be nice to escape the world for a few weeks I guess, for no reason whatsoever, perhaps as a “man-cave underground holiday” or something.  From my perspective there is no need for any such elaborate attempt to extend lives where there is no threat, no impending doom, nothing that warrants such elaborate creations.

I see however that many people see this as a possibility, but for myself, I like to look at things differently.

Yes, we haven’t taken care of our planet as well as we should have, and yes, it is easy to be gloomy as we reflect on everything that is going on, but I see the future as being brighter than most people can imagine, testimony being what I have shared in many of my other posts, as well as on this website.

Much love,


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