Syria (continued)

Following on from a previous post… (opens in a new window).

So, now, the death toll is over 60,000.  Good God – do people not realise that for each life that is taken, a debt of the same magnitude is created, and the most important lessons need to be learned?  Although the debt may not be repaid in the same way, the truth is that suffering caused means suffering is experienced, to whatever degree.  Conscience seems to be nonexistent within this situation.

All war is abhorrent, although some cannot be avoided, and some have more going on than meets the eye, but in this case, these deaths are both unnecessary and devoid of anything but hate and injustice.

This may sound like strong language, and it is, but this is an extreme situation.  Obviously it is impossible to determine how many of the 60,000 deaths are caused by the governing military, and how many are caused by other forces, but from what I have researched (albeit briefly), I am sure the ratio is considerably “in favour” of the government.

Anyway, I will leave it there (for now), I am merely venting what I feel.  There will be a time when this situation will be illuminated and shown for what it is by a reformed, spiritual world.  Until then, perhaps little will change.  What is needed to bring true peace is a spiritual solution, not a political one.

What is done is done, I just hope something happens very soon so this suffering is stopped.

Much love,


Update (21st December 2017):  According to reputable statistics, nearly half a million people have died as a result of this conflict.

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