Q: Why doesn’t God stop the suffering?

by Jason Remfrey

Posted:  30 January 2013 (updated: 28 April 2018 @ 20:45)

This world has suffered throughout time, for centuries, for thousands of years, and longer.  Even before Humanity came to be, this world has always been subject to pain, despair and trauma.  Will it stop?  Will something happen that will uplift Humanity and encourage people to “change their ways”?

There is a change coming, but these things cannot be rushed; the stakes are too high.  Over 400,000 people have been killed in Syria alone.  Hundreds of thousands were killed in Rwanda.  Tens of millions died in World War I and II.

Governments, religious leaders, politicians and activists will never change the world in such a way that it brings true, lasting peace for Humanity.  What is needed is a spiritual change, one that works from the “inside out”.  This way a change is owned, and people can say “hey, this is happening to me, from within!”, rather than something that comes from an external source (i.e. someone telling someone else what they should or need to do).

Since the beginning of time people have made changes to their external environment and outer circumstances to bring peace and happiness, which is totally valid, and important.  But this needs to be coupled with an inner experience, an inner peace, so there is comfort, love and happiness on the inside, which will then very naturally be reflected externally.

Change also needs to reach people who are on the “fringes”, perhaps in the most abject poverty, where there seems to be no hope, and also in remote regions away from “civilised society”.  All of this can and will be achieved when a power that has never been known before is gifted to this world.  This power is here now, and awaits its time to be known.

Firstly though, before this world is aware of such a great change, there must be a preparation…

In a process known as “direct healing”, people’s negativities are removed without them even recognising it, with their troubles being healed by others on their behalf.  People must be prepared within themselves for the role they are undertaking or will need to undertake in the future so that when the time is right, a global change can happen in perfection, enabling world changing events to unfold smoothly.  For myself, this is logical, and an explanation that makes sense to myself at least.

Secondly, a cleansing needs to occur, where a global change becomes evident and miracles take place that cause people to question what is truly going on…

Through a process known as “bliss transmission”, negativity that is held within people is forced to the surface, so they are forced to deal with their negativity in a profound and rapid way.  For those who have little or no negativity, their experience will indeed be blissful, but in the end, as people’s negativities are cleansed and healed, everyone will be ecstatic and experience the most sublime, supreme, unconditional love.

Subsequently, when the time is right, when these changes are fully and undeniably evident within this world, there must be those who can explain what is going on.  This is where people who do know what is happening, who do know what is in store as far as a global change is concerned, are ready to “step forward” and take responsibility for this change, so it can be carried through to its ultimately all-positive, peaceful, and liberating conclusion.

God has it very well planned, for He knows exactly the right time for these changes to occur, and when this happens it will be evident to everyone that this has happened at the perfect time, and that this is something that could not be rushed.

“Perfect timing” is something people will begin to experience more and more within their lives, showing to them that not everything is as it seems, and that guidance and direction is provided to everyone, no matter where they are, or what they might or might not have done.

Much love,


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