Interesting article in the news today, regarding a man “assaulting [another] man and damaging a car during a “violent tantrum”, where he punched someone and caused damage to a vehicle… “reversing twice into a family member’s car before driving off.”  The aspect of this I find interesting is that there were fourteen paragraphs, then a single line towards the end: “[name] has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.”

This, surely, from my perspective, knowing what it is like to suffer from bipolar disorder myself, is a primary factor.  When under this illnesses “influence”, irrational, inappropriate, and occasionally aggressive/violent behaviour can be the result.

I feel the bipolar condition should have been amongst one of the first things to have been clarified and made evident in the article, even if there are prejudices that currently exist (which hopefully won’t exist forever).

Mental illness is such a huge factor in any such scenario, but the person who has the illness also has to take a share of responsibility for their condition (and especially continuing with their prescribed treatment).  However everyone’s story is different, unique, important and sacred too, and there are more considerations than could ever be covered here.

The lawyer of the person concerned “said he was now seeing health professionals twice a week and his life was more structured”, which is such a positive result.

Anyway, just my thoughts, as I feel I can relate to both sides of this story.



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