The paparazzi

The concept that once a person becomes publicly known in their field (for example the artistic field), that they then suddenly become “public property”, without boundaries, is abhorrent, in my opinion.

For those who stalk, hound, obsess, and denigrate the sacred ideal that “the most valuable asset a person has is their anonymity“, this can create karma and subsequent lessons for those responsible, and I feel that they truly do not consider or understand the implications of their actions.

The emotional consequences that result (not only for what is felt by those who are targeted, but what is felt by many others), influence the lessons a story seeker creates for themselves which need to be learned in order to put right what was done wrong, as is the case for the law of karma in general.

I am not talking about those who are in a position where they give their consent to be in the public eye in the situations where they feel comfortable with this, or who consent to have their story shared, but I feel there is a boundary between what a person’s job (or role) is and the life they need to live in order to be a member of the public that enjoys the freedom that everyone else enjoys.  This seems to be a real problem in what is referred to as “tabloid journalism”, but extends to many other areas as well, I feel.

Tonight I saw a television report where children, young children, were hounded just because of who their parents were.  The paparazzi were even waiting outside the children’s school in wait for something which will create them income.  I have seen the result in the printed form, but have not seen fully the method of their actions that enabled this to take place.  I felt so sorry for these children, who perhaps will never know what it will be like to live an “ordinary” life, and will never be able to enjoy much of what the rest of us take for granted.

There may be the argument that “these public figures knew what they were getting into” when they began their careers or whatever, but boundaries needs to be respected in as far as what they choose to do outside of their chosen vocation, as much as is possible.  In this regard, a person who begins to tread a particular path may not always be aware of where that path will take them, in regards to a person who begins to experience a presence in the public eye.

Everyone who is in the “chain”, as far as the dissemination of the given material is concerned, is part of this, and need to take responsibility for their actions.

I don’t know if this will be heeded, but I hope it is.  I realise the implications are significant, especially in institutions that “thrive” with such “endeavours”, and where whole media institutions are founded, but these are simply my thoughts.

Much love,


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