Whaling, poaching and related activities

In principle, I am totally in favour of highlighting situations in this world where attention needs to be brought to bear, where there is injustice against our environment, ecosystem and wildlife.  I feel that bringing attention to these issues is an important element in helping to protect God’s creation, in all its forms, and to bring about change where the greed and thoughtlessness of others leads to the suffering of so many forms of life on our beautiful Earth.

I feel that to bring this to our attention is vitally important, to allow public opinion to drive change.  The organisations that foster this awareness have to be commended, in so many ways, for all that they do.

For me though, I feel that this does not mean countering violence with violence, as all this does is show that anger is meeting anger, setting up lessons for everybody, including those who seek to further their protective cause.  I have heard through the media that in some cases of eliminating poaching, deadly force is sometimes used, but I would hope some other form of intervention can be introduced that does not call for the loss of human life.

I agree with the Dalai Lama’s sentiment, where “In 2010 during a visit to Japan, the Dalai Lama said that while he agrees with the goal of stopping Japan from hunting whales, they should stop using violent methods to achieve that goal.” (source http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sea_Sheperd).

Documentaries and priority given by the media to allow genuine injustice to be reported in its entirety, to be brought more fully into the public’s consciousness, would hopefully help bring about the desired result.

When it comes to those countries that carry out whaling to kill in the guise of science and research, to me this shows true arrogance and a disregard for the sanctity of life.

I wrote a poem about a decade ago…

Once there was no ship at all
Mightier than you
Heavier than any land animal
Could you really be true

Bulk alone you’re so much more
Whale it’s you I’m speaking of
For mothers and fathers all of you
Plunging mighty trough

Now you are still hunted
Although you have many friends
In the name of science they do kill
To meet their selfish ends

Are they so small minded
Thinking we won’t see
That to feed their selfish hunger
They remove you from the sea

May all their boats go rusty
And shame be brought upon
Those whaling men of anger
Whales wish that you were gone

I am not fully aware of all the considerations when it comes to “eco-awareness”, but these are simply my thoughts and feelings in relation to these matters.

Much love,


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