Racial discrimination

by Jason Remfrey

Last updated:  31st March 2018 @ 6:10pm

Each and every one of us is a spark and flame of God, born from His/Her unconditional love, and equal in God’s eyes; thus equal in Spirit in every respect.

Although we all have our own unique personalities, qualities and gifts to offer, our essence is one of Spirit, totally positive, which is something every person is trying to recapture, whether they know it or not.

Every single one of us has the right to be here, on our Earth.  We are all here for a period of time after returning from the spiritual realms to learn the lessons we need to learn, play the roles we need to fulfil our life plan, and hopefully enjoy life as it unfolds around us.

What we choose to do with our time on Earth, even though we are often guided in many ways, shapes what our future will be, whether this means we will enjoy life more in a future time, or if we will have further lessons to learn.

We all have freedom of choice, God’s greatest gift to us all, but our attitudes towards others can have a bearing on our future, especially when we choose to make real those attitudes in the way of physical, verbal or other such abuse.  When these acts are serious, the karma that is accumulated and the lessons that will need to be learned will reflect this also.

Again, and I cannot stress this enough, it is intrinsic to God, that no matter what race, ethnicity, culture or colour, beneath all of this is the truth that we are born of God’s Spirit.  In the spiritual realms, we are all free from any physical form, and on Earth each of us remains a powerful spiritual being of the purest light and energy, housed within a physical body.

We existed together in the spiritual realms before we were born where race and colour doesn’t exist, and it is only what we have learned on Earth which clouds our minds.  One of my favourite quotes is; “We are not human beings on a spiritual journey, we are spiritual beings on a human journey”.  This is so true.

We are born, live, then die, but once we pass away, we may well come back to Earth in a future time to live a new life, in a new place or country, and of course we a born into a different human body.  We may be Indian in one life, then English, then perhaps Chinese or of Spanish descent, as examples.

We often incarnate (or are born) into a different country or circumstance, and our birth is not coincidental, as we often choose where we are born, our family, and often our personal circumstances are guided by higher beings who have our best interests at heart.  We always have choices in the end, and as a result there is a feeling of ownership for the experiences that we go through in our earthly life, and the feeling of a being a victim from the very beginning is not within our soul.

If you feel this applies to you in any way, don’t think it will be impossible for you to change in a meaningful way, because you will.  Your heart will open as the energy of this “New Age” reaches into your heart, from the inside out, rooting out wrong understandings and beliefs so you can see life and others as God intended, removing the human frailties that grip so many within Humanity.

I hope this goes some way to understanding this negative aspect of Humanities consciousness, and allows an opening and new way of considering this topic.

Much love,


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