Q: Should I take medication if the need arises?

Posted:  7 May 2013 (updated: 17 December 2017 @ 16:00) by Jason Remfrey

Some time ago I read an article where a person shared how they felt saying they were “tired of the world” and that they felt “very lonely, and very sad”.  I put forth my views on how an anti-depressant may help, and received the following in response from a totally different person:

“I disagree with the fact of taking medication, don’t forget it’s a drug, and the intention that lies behind…it’s the intention to get rid of our feelings… [that] we do NOT want to feel!”

My thoughts

It may seem obvious to most people that the answer to this question is “yes, I should take medication if needed”, however many who travel the spiritual path go through a process where they feel they need to “purify”, where they make a conscious effort to rid themselves of all “impurities”.  Sometimes they see these “impurities” as something that will hold them back, and as a result tend to avoid modern medicines (to whatever degree) to help them achieve their goals, as they see them.

I myself have gone through a similar ideological process when I went through my time of being diagnosed with a mental illness.  All in all, it took me eight years to realise I needed medication in my life, not after a great deal of turmoil for myself, as well as considerable angst for my family and those around me.  Fortunately, I had an “angel on my shoulder”, and I was looked after on many levels, so everything worked out well, but I recognise that for many others the consequences of shunning medication can be quite dire.

The source of medication, all medication, whether herbal or scientifically derived, comes from our Mother Earth, in one way or another.  This is key, and should not be forgotten.  It is not so much as medication which is physical changing the body which is physical, but more so energy changing energy, which goes deeper than a purely physical understanding.  A person’s “energy body” and “aura” are also key to this, but an explanation of these go beyond the scope of this post.

Herbal, homeopathic and holistic medicine etc. have been around for far longer than modern medicine, and I have found it extremely beneficial to be mindful of what I put into my body.  But now we have the advantage of science, and in most cases, this can benefit us greatly, and it certainly has in my life.

Much love,


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