Christchurch earthquake recovery

My heart goes out to all those people who, still, wait for some kind of action when it comes to their dwellings, life situations, heartache and more that they are going through at the moment.

I have just watched a Campbell Live program, where over 30 people over a 6-7 minute time frame  told stories of issues they are having with E.Q.C, for one.  Little or no communication, and it’s been 32 months, and having been given the run-around, it’s such a mess.  Surely, now, something should have been done before things got so out of hand.

It’s hard to compare one situation to another, but the situations are dire for some.

There are stories of a person in Christchurch having a child of age 7 months, where the child just had heart surgery, having to go back to a home in a state of disrepair.  A woman whose hair is falling out (I can only guess it is related to the cold, but I could be wrong).  Power bills of over $400 a month, even when a wood burning fire is used.  Temperatures inside homes 6 degrees lower than W.H.O (World Health Organisation) recommended minimums.  Tears and frustration.  Add to that the ridiculous rental prices, and so on.  These are our own people, who deserve so much more from their country.

I am sure I do not know the full story, but perhaps the people who are worst off could have been given more priority, instead of, perhaps, improving rebuild statistics by choosing to fix the easier houses first?  Again, of course I do not have the ability (as I see it) to know what is truly going on in regard to this.

My thoughts go out.

Much love,


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