America’s Cup 2013

The following is a tweet I made on the 26th of September 2013, the day the America’s Cup was won by Oracle Team USA:

Altho the result may not hav been wht was hoped for, often the picture is bigger. #TeamNZ u’ve not let us down, the disappointment will pass

I feel this could cause a little confusion, regarding my reference to the “picture being bigger”.

Sport is so important, it provides so much enjoyment for everybody.  What happened during the final stages of this regatta, when Team USA and Team NZ were racing, was more powerful and profound than most people could really appreciate at the time.  Here I would like to offer my thoughts on what took place, from a spiritual perspective especially.

There were three major aspects, as I see them, which made up a scenario which was (and is) so powerful on every level.

The energy

I have tried to make the following as simple and easy to understand as I can, but if you do struggle with what I have written here, don’t worry, as this is not part of my formal teaching material.

Every morning, for over two weeks, tens of thousands of kiwi’s were glued to their TV screens between 8am and 10am.  The tension and stress that was experienced by everyone who watched allowed so much stress-related negativity to be transformed into positive energy.

As well as a person transforming and releasing their own stress, when a powerful (or large) group of people go through a stressful (or perhaps anxious) collective emotional experience (as happened during the Cup racing), this can sometimes mean that many others will have their “load lightened”.  A term that could be used to described this is a “mass catharsis”.

In effect, those who are having their “load lightened” by others through this “mass anxiety experience” have their own negativity healed and removed. These “recipients” may have not even been aware they had anything wrong with them, and they may have not even watched the America’s Cup taking place.  The healing takes places at a spiritual/subconscious level, and these people being healed are usually not aware that anything is taking place.  The fact that this all took place in such an enjoyable setting was a blessing.

New Zealand (as a country) has a very powerful spiritual vibration.  When one person (who has ascended spiritually) experiences a negative emotion, in a process I refer to as “direct healing”, many more can benefit, and I feel New Zealand as a whole was a significant benefactor in this event/process.  When the time comes, it will be obvious that this process of direct healing (which has been taking place in its fullness since 1998) has been a key ingredient in helping to establish a stable and peaceful world.  It will be as if a light has been switched on, and everyone “glows” without knowing why.

The following is an explanation of this process:

Direct healing

Extract:  The Collective Teachings

Direct healing is where a person (or healer) experiences for themselves the emotions and negativity of others as though they were their own, so others don’t have to experience them themselves.  The people that are helped are usually close to them spiritually, rather than just physically.

This kind of healing is common, and anyone can be used in this way as they offer themselves to God (at a spiritual or soul level) to help their fellow man, woman or child.  In a way, the healer “suffers” as a result until the process of direct healing is complete.

There was disappointment of course, but I feel this was short lived for most.  Of course it was felt much more acutely by Emirates Team New Zealand, and understandably so, and when Dean was interviewed shortly afterwards he looked shattered.

As I have written in my tweet (above), as New Zealanders, all we have is pride for all that the team achieved and went through, and for all their hard work and tireless effort in the years of preparation that was needed, and we came so close.  The team did nothing but give us inspiration, and did not let us down in any way.   And as I am describing here, the team was instrumental in helping to facilitate a healing for so many.

Of course the same could be said for any sporting event, but perhaps rarely to this degree.

The humility

New Zealand is a great sporting nation.  For four million people, we achieve so much in this area, all the while keeping our feet on the ground, many of us humbled by the achievements of others.

If we had won, collectively, I am sure that New Zealand would have felt an up-swell of pride that would have been intense to begin with, and perhaps may have lasted quite some weeks.  However this could well have turned into false pride and ego, as people lost touch with the spirit of how it was all achieved.

When a change in consciousness arrives, false pride and ego can be a distraction, and outer achievements can sometimes take away from inner beauty.  Humility is a great ally, and is New Zealand’s greatest strength.  This world is changing, beneath the surface at the moment, but I feel it is better to be humble in as many ways as possible, allowing for an easier road towards a more profound and beautiful inner change, when the time is right.

As with the previous sub-topic (“the energy”), this is simply one aspect of what I feel is the significance of this event to New Zealand as a whole.

The freedom

It’s always good to be free from distractions, when and where possible.  New Zealand has a special place in this world, just as every country has, but for this country, a starting point has been made, a starting point for a global spiritual revolution.

If we had won the America’s Cup, there would be a great deal of focus on defending it on New Zealand soil.  I feel it is good that we are able to clear our minds of this for the time being, as far as creating the infrastructure (and more) that would have been needed.

These are simply my feelings as I share them with you here.

In conclusion

There was a moment when Emirates Team New Zealand almost capsized, 0.2 of a degree in fact.  Even those among the team said there was “someone looking over them”.  Undeniably so.

Thank you Team NZ for giving so much over such a long period of time for our enjoyment, and the roller coaster ride that ensued.  Thank you also to Oracle Team USA for setting up the event, and congratulations on winning the cup.

Although the concept of catamarans racing gave such an awesome spectacle, something never before seen in this event, personally I find the mono-hulls more appealing to the eye, more beautiful, with their big sails and sleek lines, and perhaps they cost less and perhaps also they may allow more countries to compete, but this is simply me, and this may be totally different to many others.

Who knows if USA will defend their cup in the near future, or what type of boat they will use.  Either way, it is a great sport and I was honoured to be able to be part of this event, even if it was only from my lounge!

Much love,


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