Being where the change began

Spiritually speaking, New Zealand is a powerful country, and this is where a global spiritual change, which is manifesting at this present time, first took hold.  There had to be a point of origin, a place where it all had to start.

Although a large percentage of New Zealand’s population (about half) state they are affiliated with a Christian religion (of whatever denomination), we are relatively free from discrimination, persecution and control as far as people’s beliefs are concerned.

A great deal of negative energy has already been removed from New Zealand, and as a result, this country and many of its people have been energy channels (for quite some time) and a healing source for countless others in this world.  For this reason, those coming to New Zealand may struggle (on whatever level, to whatever degree), as it is sometimes a case of people with a lower energy vibration coming into a place where a much higher vibration exists.

The result is that people can often “discharge”, in other words experience their negativity much more quickly to the point where if they have an amount of latent karma, negativity, whatever you wish to call it, these are forced to the surface to the point where there is an outer manifestation of an inner problem.  This could be in the form of a spiritual, emotional, or mental reaction (or process), or perhaps even a physical event, whatever that may be.

New Zealand is a beautiful place to live, visit, and be a part of.  If you are wishing to travel here, simply ask yourself this…

“Am I relatively clear of negativity?  Do I feel confident enough to say I am free of most of my issues?  Do I feel there is no reason to be concerned?”

If the answer to any of these is no, or I’m not sure, then a regime of meditation is the best course of action before there is any consideration given to a visit.  Once this has been completed, and there is a feeling in the heart that balance has been achieved, then there is no reason why a visit can’t be an option, logistics considered.

Importantly, if a person were to travel to New Zealand when this scenario was in effect, and they hadn’t dealt with their problems as described above, they may wish they had never travelled here.

This country is exceptionally beautiful, and I love it as a place to live, but healing is given everywhere, in every country, city and town – to everyone, as God’s energy reaches every corner of this world.  Know that you will receive His most powerful healing energy and Grace where you are now, in a profound and undeniable way, without needing to do anything to be worthy of it, or go anywhere to be a part of it.

Being with those you love when a global transformation is taking place is a sacred time to cherish, and seeing each and every person you love grow into perfection and experiencing Paradise everywhere you are makes for the most beautiful moments, as everything seems new and full of adventure.

One of the most wonderful aspects of our modern society, where technology is readily available, is that through the medium of television, radio, the Internet and other such communication tools, we are all able to be connected, very quickly, so no-one needs to feel they are missing out.  These tools will only help to accelerate a powerful global change, and it is no accident they are available to us now.  Even those who seemingly have no way of knowing what is taking place will still be reached, as God will touch their hearts and make them aware of what is happening in a powerful way.

Much love,


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