Q: What about climate change? Reply

20131225 - icebergPosted:  25 December 2013 (updated: 1 June 2016 @ 20:25) by Jason Remfrey

No further action needs to be taken in order to avert climate change.  A spiritual solution exists, as I will explain below.

For years, climate change has been high on the agenda of global politics, and at the forefront of social responsibility.  And justifiably so.  Time, effort and money has been expended pursuing what seems like the correct actions to take to avoid climate change, but there is no need to worry anymore, or to continue down the path of trying to find a solution.

Those special souls who help protect our environment have to be credited, and without the highlighting of this important issue, perhaps things could be much worse.  At the very least, climate change reflects the need for change and has highlighted the fragility of our planet, and life on Earth in general.

This world (regarding the climate and environment especially) was always destined to be affected by our choices and actions relating to global development.  Generally speaking though, as far as where natural resources were used for the betterment of Humanity, God’s blessing was given.

Climate change was always going to happen with God knowing that a great spiritual change would always take place, at the right time, which would restore balance.

Everything has been leading up to a transformational change.  There is only so much time for all of us to remain on our Mother Earth before we are transported (on a spiritual level), to a new world, one so perfect that people truly do not know just how glorious their future will be.  Before this move to Paradise, many aspects of this world will be healed and transformed.

The power of manifestation, when in full effect, can put right what for so long has been out of balance.  The ozone layer, for example, can be restored, and our atmosphere can be brought back to its former glory once more.  The power of manifestation knows no bounds, but it may take a little time for it to work its magic in its fullness as this world and its environment is so vast in its size.

In all honesty, there is no need to fear.  Put away your concerns and trust in your Creator that loves you, and know that God will see you attain a future so great that your most optimistic dreams could not even come close to what the future reality will truly be.

Much love,


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