Wealth and Poverty

Posted:  17 May 2011 (updated: 30 October 2014 @ 14:30) by Jason Remfrey

If people only shared more, this world would not be in the situation it is in now.  Greed is rife.  So many people suffer at the hands of a few, who hold to themselves what they claim to be their own.

The thinking that “as long as I’m alright, who cares about anyone else?” would probably sum things up nicely.  If only there was the realisation of the heartfelt joy that comes in giving up what will never be used or needed, people would not hesitate in giving more in order to help bring peace to their soul.

Those who have missed out for so long may be among the first to receive their Divine Inheritance, in such a way that the saying “The meek shall inherit the earth” will take on new significance, truth and meaning.

There is nothing wrong with having wealth, as long as it is used for the right reasons.  I feel money should be used modestly, as a tool, not to gratify oneself excessively.

I myself know what it is like to give up a good chunk of wealth.  And I know how difficult it feels to bring oneself to do it.  But shortly after I had made my offering, the feelings of warmth and humility in the heart that I received was worth more than any monetary amount.

Share what you have with those less fortunate.  Caring and sharing are two of the most beautiful gifts that can be given, however that may occur.  Show to others that you care about their needs, so that they may enjoy the simple pleasures in life, and have the means to put food on the table and keep their families safe and well.

Much love,


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