Ball tampering in cricket

The past week or two there has been a great deal of media coverage relating to the ball tampering which took place in South Africa in the past couple of weeks.  The central figures involved being Steve Smith, David Warner and Cameron Bancroft, and also the coach Darren Lehmann (even though he wasn’t responsible in any way), all who are part of the Australian cricketing group.

I won’t go into any detail as far as writing what has already been widely reported, but I would say for the greater part, I feel the situation has unfolded in a way that was not unexpected (from an outside perspective at least).

Quite often I refer to the karmic reasons and considerations for events in general, and I will continue on this theme for this post, as the resolution of karma has everything to do with this situation.

Key points

Thousands of people have had their thoughts on this, mostly negative, but there is a deeper story that comes from looking from a spiritual perspective.  Steve, David (and others involved) all had karma that needed to be resolved, but relatively speaking, as difficult as it was for themselves and all concerned, this karma was not as significant when compared to the greater picture.

Cricket Australia, Steve, David and perhaps others lost millions in sponsorship, and I’m sure more, including missing the opportunity to be part of their national team for a period of time.

To get to the crux of the matter; the difficult financial implications experienced by those involved has been a surrogate for the greed and self-interest of corporate Australia as a whole – and a connection was made on an energy level.  Perhaps a difficult connection to understand, but I will do my best to explain below.

Business decisions and business choices have been made in Australia for decades that have caused karma and negativity to build.  These negative choices needed to be “healed” so that a much more positive future could be experienced by everyone within this business community, as well as, in all likelihood, these people still having a role to play in Australia’s corporate future.  The common theme with these choices and all parties is that they would have been motivated by self interest (or greed), even if in the smallest way.

The link between cricket and the corporate world is that Cricket Australia may (to a whatever degree) be seen as (or are) a business, hence this deeper spiritual connection is made.

Importantly, all four men can all be seen as “vehicles” enabling God’s work to be done, vehicles for something bigger, a greater purpose, a trigger, and what they have unknowing initiated is something they should be incredibly proud of.  What happened was catharsis, a release for everyone.

A great deal of karma was cleared and healed, both from the business community and those within Cricket Australia.  Be thankful, not critical.

To continue

Not everything that happens is karma, and it is impossible to recognise in advance if any given action will create new karma or heal existing karma.  It is always better to try to do what is right, and in this situation, lessons have been learned and now a path for others to follow has been created and so (in all likelihood) the same mistakes aren’t made.

There is no need for further or continued penalties or sanctions in this instance, as all that needed to be achieved spiritually has been achieved.  Be proud of this national team Australia, for they have offered so much when it may have appeared as though they had done so much wrong.

Just seeing Steve and the others at their press conferences was to recognise that they came from the heart, and they were sorry, especially when they considered the effect it had on their family and the loss of involvement with the sport that they love.

I love my cricket, and I thank everyone in this sport who helps bring joy, excitement, and a rollercoaster of other emotions for the millions or people who finds it of interest also.  There have been many instances of dubious activity within this sport, however minor, and admissions that similar actions have taken place for decades have been made by many.

Often there is more going on in any difficult situation than meets the eye, and this can take place on any scale, from an everyday event to a situation such as this where world attention magnifies the impact for everyone concerned, yet increases the healing potential.  If the reason (from a spiritual perspective) for any event is beneficial then this will only accelerate everyone’s move to the Paradise that is coming.

Meditation and omniscience is always available to help identify if something that took place in the past helped others or not.

Hold your head’s up high my friends; Humanity, you have given more to God than you currently know.

Much love,


Note on healing:

As far as healing goes, in some ways, it is like a person that requires healing being a drop of rain, and people’s capacity for healing depending on how much water their container will hold (which will then be purified).  Prior to this event becoming a reality, those involved would have had their spiritual energy systems and capacity for healing increased so they could achieve more, with God knowing in advance that this scenario would eventuate.

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