Q: What about climate change? Reply

20131225 - icebergPosted:  25 December 2013 (updated: 1 June 2016 @ 20:25) by Jason Remfrey

No further action needs to be taken in order to avert climate change.  A spiritual solution exists, as I will explain below.

For years, climate change has been high on the agenda of global politics, and at the forefront of social responsibility.  And justifiably so.  Time, effort and money has been expended pursuing what seems like the correct actions to take to avoid climate change, but there is no need to worry anymore, or to continue down the path of trying to find a solution.

Those special souls who help protect our environment have to be credited, and without the highlighting of this important issue, perhaps things could be much worse.  At the very least, climate change reflects the need for change and has highlighted the fragility of our planet, and life on Earth in general.

This world (regarding the climate and environment especially) was always destined to be affected by our choices and actions relating to global development.  Generally speaking though, as far as where natural resources were used for the betterment of Humanity, God’s blessing was given.

Climate change was always going to happen with God knowing that a great spiritual change would always take place, at the right time, which would restore balance.

Everything has been leading up to a transformational change.  There is only so much time for all of us to remain on our Mother Earth before we are transported (on a spiritual level), to a new world, one so perfect that people truly do not know just how glorious their future will be.  Before this move to Paradise, many aspects of this world will be healed and transformed.

The power of manifestation, when in full effect, can put right what for so long has been out of balance.  The ozone layer, for example, can be restored, and our atmosphere can be brought back to its former glory once more.  The power of manifestation knows no bounds, but it may take a little time for it to work its magic in its fullness as this world and its environment is so vast in its size.

In all honesty, there is no need to fear.  Put away your concerns and trust in your Creator that loves you, and know that God will see you attain a future so great that your most optimistic dreams could not even come close to what the future reality will truly be.

Much love,


Q: Should I take medication if the need arises? Reply


Posted:  7 May 2013 (updated: 12 January 2016 @ 20:35) by Jason Remfrey

Some time ago I read an article where a person shared how they felt saying they were “tired of the world” and that they felt “very lonely, and very sad”.  I put forth my views on how an anti-depressant may help, and received the following in response from a totally different person:

“I disagree with the fact of taking medication, don’t forget it’s a drug, and the intention that lies behind…it’s the intention to get rid of our feelings… [that] we do NOT want to feel!”

My thoughts

It may seem obvious to most people that the answer to this question is “yes, I should take medication if needed”, however many who travel the spiritual path go through a process where they feel they need to “purify”, where they make a conscious effort to rid themselves of all “impurities”.  Sometimes they see these “impurities” as something that will hold them back, and as a result tend to avoid modern medicines (to whatever degree) in order to help them achieve their goals, as they see them.

I myself have gone through a similar process, to my detriment, when I went through my time of being diagnosed with a mental illness.  All in all, it took me eight years to realise I needed medication in my life, not after a great deal of turmoil for myself, as well as considerable angst for those around me.

Medication, all medication, comes from our Mother Earth, in one way or another.  This should not be forgotten.  Like I have said above, I have been in the mind-set of thinking I knew best, and everyone else was wrong.  Of course there are the horror stories of children dying and suffering needlessly when their parents or caregivers refuse to heed advice when it comes to the well-being of their children in the way of immunisation especially, but fortunately this seems to be rare.

I am not trying to belittle herbal, homeopathic medicine etc., as these have been around for far longer than modern medicine.  But now we have the advantage of science, and in most cases, this can benefit us greatly.  Perhaps these two aspects of healing could be used together, as is the case with supplements etc. where the body is in need of a recognised “boost”, or one could be tried and if there is no success another option could be explored.

Everything is energy

This is certainly the case, and cannot be denied.  It is recognised knowledge that we are all made up of atoms and molecules.  Furthermore, energy changes energy.  When medication is used this affects our “energy field”, and depending on what medication or herbal remedy is used will determine what the energy change will be.

If (as in the example above) an anti-depressant is used, symptoms are alleviated, but nothing is truly cured.  This is why in many cases medication needs to be taken for a person’s entire life, even when they are feeling as though nothing is wrong.  Mother Earth’s own consciousness is a part of every medication as She has an energy field just like we all do, and all medicines, and everything on our planet, is imbued with Her energy.

The illness/negative energy/physical problem (however you like to refer to it as) that was “cured” is in fact “shifted”, so it still remains, but in the case of a physical or psychological problem etc., the root cause (or negative energy) is simply “moved out of the way”, into the ether’s, the environment, or wherever.   From there, the physical body can repair, and the negative energy that is floating “out there” can be healed at a spiritual level with the help of meditation, catharsis, a healer, or whatever.

It is only when negative energy can be changed into positive energy can healing truly take place, and then the physical problem will not return.

I hope this goes some way to explaining this topic.

Much love,


Q: How is racial discrimination viewed spiritually? Reply

Posted:  24 April 2013 (updated: 30 October 2014 @ 10:15) by Jason Remfrey

racial-handshakeEach and every one of us is a flame of God, equal in God’s eyes, born of God, and thus equal spiritually in every respect.

Although we all have our own unique personalities and qualities, our core essence is one of Spirit, total positivity, which is something every person is trying to recapture, whether they know it or not.

Each and every one of us has a right to be here, on Earth, each and every one of us is here for a period of time, with each and every one of us coming from the spiritual realms, to learn lessons, play roles, and enjoy life as it unfolds around us.  What we choose to do with our time on Earth dictates what our future will be, whether this be positive or negative, as we all have freedom of choice, God’s greatest gift to us all.

I cannot stress this enough:  It is intrinsic to God, that no matter what race, ethnicity or skin colour, beneath all this is the truth that we were, and are, born of God’s Spirit, free from any physical form.  Each of us is a powerful spiritual being of the purest light, and energy, housed within a physical body.

One of my favourite quotes is; “We are not human beings on a spiritual journey.  We are spiritual beings on a human journey”.

We are born, live, then die, but once we pass away, we may well come back to Earth in a future time, to live a new life, in a new place or country, and of course we a born into a different human body.  We may be Indian in one life, then English, then perhaps Chinese or Spanish in another (as examples).

We may incarnate (or be born) into a particular country or circumstance, and our birth is not coincidental, we choose where we are born, our family, and usually our personal circumstances also.  These choices take place in the spiritual realms, often with the help of more spiritually advanced beings, or guides, and God, but we are always given choices in the end, and as a result there is a feeling of ownership for the experiences that we go through in our earthly life.

Any discrimination or negative acts carried out towards others based on differences in race, ethnicity, skin colour, culture and so on, where emotional (or other) upset is caused, result in lessons being set up for those responsible that will need to be learned.  Where these acts are serious, the karma that is accumulated and the lessons that will need to be learned will reflect this also.

I hope this goes some way to clearing up this negative aspect of Humanities consciousness.

Much love,


Q: Is animal testing appropriate? Reply

Posted:  12 April 2013 (updated: 12 January 2016 @ 11:30) by Jason Remfrey

animal-testingThis is a difficult subject.  I feel it is not entirely appropriate to say there should never have been any animal testing, for if this was the case, we would not have the wide range of safe medication that we need in order to continue to live our lives as we do now.

However, I feel this “practice” is abused to a great degree, to the detriment of the innocent and helpless animals and creatures that suffer as a result, but just as importantly, to the detriment of those who carry out this testing (on a spiritual or karmic level).

In “valid” cases, as I explain in “Pest control” (see “The Natural Kingdom”), there is an agreement on a purely spiritual level between the person (or people) and the animal(s) concerned that allows such animal testing to be free from any karmic accountability.

Much of the modern medical environment, medical systems and medicines themselves (for example) were planned thousands of years before they became a reality.  Great masters such as Buddha were used by God in order to create a “path” for others to follow, on a purely energy level.

For example, Buddha’s students, under his tuition, would meditate and be used by God to set up the future, so people in our time now would find it much easier to make and manage discoveries.  It’s very much like allowing people in the future to find the easiest way through a maze.

These “discoveries” may have then required animal testing to be carried out in order to become what this medicine was destined to become, so it could be used for the common good.

I feel Charles Darwin put it very well…

“You ask about my opinion on vivisection.  I quite agree that it is justifiable for real investigations on physiology; but not for mere damnable and detestable curiosity.  It is a subject which makes me sick with horror, so I will not say another word about it, else I shall not sleep to-night.”

I am reliant on medication myself and I have researched two of these, and both were tested on animals.  If there was some other way these medicines could have been deemed safe and effective that would have been ideal of course, but from what I understand, when the medication was developed this was not possible.

Negative karma is incurred where an action is callous and cruel, where there is no agreement on a spiritual level for this to have taken place, or where the actions are in no-one’s best interests.  With the amount of superfluous animal testing that I am sure is taking place at this time, karmic debts can only be magnified.  Meditation is an important tool when it comes to gaining clarity, guidance and direction, thus avoiding any karmic consequences.

Much more care needs to be taken before justifying a course of action that results in pain, suffering and misery for our sacred friends, as they have just as much right to be here as we do.

Kind regards,


Q: Is genetic engineering safe? Reply

Posted:  02 October 2012 (updated: 11 January 2016 @ 21:30) by Jason Remfrey

Referring to a media report today, the article begins with:

Low allergy milk ‘frightening’ – GE Free

GE Free New Zealand is strongly opposing AgResearch’s use of genetic modification in pursuit of allergen-free milk for children.

Crown research institute AgResearch has announced a world-first breakthrough in genetic modification research, with the goal of producing hypoallergenic (low allergy) milk.

It has bred a genetically modified cloned calf producing milk in early trials with greatly reduced amounts of a protein known as beta-lactoglobulin (BLG), believed to be the leading cause of milk allergies in children.

The 11-month-old calf, Daisy, is in containment at AgResearch’s Ruakura site in Hamilton.  She has a mysterious missing tail which AgResearch expects to know the cause of in a couple of weeks but believes is not linked to genetic modification.

GE Free New Zealand president [Name] said cows without the protein BLG was a “frightening development not a breakthrough”.

My thoughts

Does anyone really know the impact of genetic engineering?  I have heard stories of scientists changing broccoli to be blue or pink in order to encourage children to eat them.  I don’t know how true that is, but genetic engineering (not to be confused with genetic testing) goes against what I feel is right.

If a change was made, say to a vegetable (or an animal as in the example above), and no signs of ill-effects were found, would there be a problem?  Fast forward 100 or even 500 years, and would there still be “no problem”?  Who is to say?  Will future generations pay a price for our short-sighted meddling with Mother Nature, as man seeks to do what man wants, ignoring the rule that “why change what has slowly developed over millions of years”, ignoring the truth that it is God who manages Creation, not mankind.

Why change what works just fine and go against God’s knowledge and wisdom?  Perhaps it is better to deal with problems socially and spiritually rather than changing the physical structure of life itself.  Sometimes the cure can be worse than the disease.

Just because something can be done, doesn’t mean it should be done.

Again, the impact of a change now may not be recognised for decades.  The risk is too great, and it really comes down to the meddling of those who do not appreciate the value of life as much as others, as it has been created and managed by God Himself.

Thank you for listening,


Q: How is euthanasia seen spiritually? Reply

Posted:  02 July 2012 (updated: 8 February 2016 @ 20:30) by Jason Remfrey

This is quite a complex subject.  The lines can seem so blurred when it comes to understanding this topic, trying to determine what is right and what is wrong.  A key factor in this is that karma is incurred by the person(s) assisting with the “death process”.

Even if, for example, some mechanism or professional assistance was put in place to start the death process, negative karma would be incurred by those who were involved (even indirectly), for which the end result was always known.  This also applies to any form of death sentence or capital punishment.

There will always be negative karma incurred for those who decide they will assist, as it is never the right of one to take the life of another, no matter what either party may think.

Where a person is being kept alive through artificial means, where no real hope can be seen, know that this person will be reunited with their Creator once they pass into the spiritual realms, as difficult as this may be emotionally for everyone concerned.  In these cases, those who let someone leave this world where life has run its course incur no karma, as death occurs as a result of a natural process, hence the considerations behind this topic have no bearing.

I do recognise the suffering so many people go through in some situations.  My heart goes out to them.  As I have had no direct personal experience in this regard, I can only imagine the heartache people go through.  I also recognise there is so much available in the way of medication and medicine.

I hope those that feel nothing can be done will see that something can be done, on many levels, including spiritually.  With the exciting healing time that is with us now, God will lovingly extend His healing hands to help everyone, helping them to become whole again, in body, mind and Spirit.

Much love,


Q: Does copyright infringement (piracy) incur karma? Reply

Posted:  07 May 2012 (updated: 11 January 2016 @ 16:45) by Jason Remfrey

Yes, karma is incurred.  Put simply, what you don’t create yourself, you need to obtain the owners or artists permission before using yourself.  There may be intricacies here that I could put further thought into, but I imagine this may be the crux of the matter.  For a more verbose description on this activity, see Wikipedia @ en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copyright_infringement.

An artist has to be rewarded for their efforts.  Even if the artist is wealthy, this makes no difference.  Many artists use their wealth to not only further their own creative endeavours, but also to help those who are less fortunate.  These are important considerations.

Individuals (or organisations) which encourage and facilitate copyright infringement are also responsible, to whatever degree.  Intention is everything when it comes to determining karmic accountability.

It is not too late to put things right.  For those who use other peoples “works” in order to satisfy their own needs, steps may be taken in order to rectify the situation, in the way of some sort of action, or offering.

I hope this goes some way to explaining this aspect of the creative arts.

Much love,