For you Ellyse #2

Hi Ellyse ❤

This is going back a bit, but you and Georgia looked all set for a great night out at the Forum, you both looked lovely. It must be so great to go to live music gigs, the only live events I have gone to as far as music goes have been “Chess” and “Rocky Horror Picture Show” lol. I would love to go to some live concerts, something for the future hopefully.

I did attend something called “The Gathering” though, held over two days, on two consecutive New Year’s, 97/98 and 98/99, held near Nelson at the top of the South Island – it was unbelievable. It was 8,000 people enjoying seven types (or zones) of music. Although I’m not religious in any way, it had spiritual elements for me and helped me improve as a person and open me to new experiences. I had a good friend who performed in the ambient/meditation zone too, other zones that I remember were trance and drum & bass, they even played outdoor movies! I can’t sing, dance or play any instrument, which worked well in the trance zone as no one really cared about what they were doing lol. There’s a website/archive too @ which I like as it brings back some great memories.

So I guess I do have an interest in spirituality generally, although I don’t follow any kind of formal spiritual teaching, or associate with any particular organisation or group. Instead I tend to rely on my own “inner compass” to help me on my journey, and I try to learn from everyone and everything around me, with such moments always being unexpected, often quirky and with a touch of synchronicity too.

I have pretty much already been through the “spiritual scene” years ago, like travelling to India to meet my Guru in 1993 (she was lovely, and the ashram was incredible), a lot of meditating and even chanting (badly), eight years of vegetarianism, and learning from some really interesting teachings both written and spoken. I later learned to trust myself more, which was so much better for me.

For me, with a few other theories thrown in, we all start as equal, and in the end we are just as equal, it’s everything in between that we learn from that make us who we are. Something that stays with me too is recognising that everyone has a story from the day they were born, so who is anyone to judge when we don’t really know that story. For me, that’s always a “go to” when I find myself being a bit judgemental, and rather than from a book, it was an awareness I discovered for myself. And something I believe too is that a person doesn’t need to identify themselves as “spiritual” in any way to live the most beautiful, thoughtful, and caring life, in fact identifying as being spiritual can sometimes be a hinderance. I don’t know everything, barely anything in fact, but these are some of the things that that help get me through.

I read all four of your “Ellyse Perry” children’s books too – I really loved them – they are so upbeat, fun, inspirational and positive, and I can see they would help so many kids, with so many examples of real-life challenges which kids must go through. I don’t read as much as I would like to, but I actually quite like the young adult category, perhaps these are for an even younger age-range, but these must hold a place very dear to you. I found them such a great insight to your earlier years too. I imagine you had a lot of fun creating them, but would there have been some hard work in there too? It must be really great knowing children (and older) are reading your work, and Perspective too, it must be so satisfying and rewarding.

I remember the last game your team played at the Basin, it was very misty with a delayed start, quite surreal I thought, it’s a bit rough I’m not able to hop on the train to see you! Really sad that you were inured, but the Southern Stars have such depth – but no one lights up the field like you. The game turned out to be a bit like a festival in the end, at least that’s how I experienced it, so many people were there considering it was a weekday. There were police officers playing wicketkeeper for children, caps being handed out to all and sundry, with so much happiness and everyone making the most of something quite special.

I’m not working due to my bipolar, but that works out well as I spend quite a lot of my week getting out and about. Walks of all durations are something I try to do as much as I can, I just love it. 9km in one go is my record so far, with plans for further, which is pretty good for me 🙂 It gives me the ability to take on a day knowing I’ll be able to go anywhere where my inspiration takes me. And I’m a big fan of public transport, the train is a favourite, as I think I mentioned, even though I mostly take the car everywhere I need and want to go as it’s often a lot more practical.

You would run tornadoes around me of course, although in much earlier years including at school I’ve had genuine sporting interests playing badminton, tennis, indoor cricket, and table tennis, but yeah, most of that ended after I left school and began working. I love watching sport on TV, I find live sport fascinating especially, I look forward to Summer’s for the Basin, and I’m trying to work out netball – my nieces play so they’re helping, but it’s a bit of a work-in-progress 🙂

The Tour de France looks like it takes a bit of skill just to stay on the bike and stay in one piece lol, you looked all warm and snuggled up making the most of it, maybe your own riding has influenced that viewing interest? Skateboarding is so cool, although I’ve never really picked up a board, other than with something very rough that I owned in my early teens, with me being very wobbly. I love watching MotoGP and Superbikes, just so full-on, and there’s a kiwi who recently won one of these, and I was lucky enough to see it live. And of course cricket is a must – I’ll tune in as much as I can throughout the games, I’ll be cheering for you and your team above all, I know that might sound strange being a kiwi, but I don’t want you to be anything but happy, so that’s everything for me.

You have such a special bunch of friends, and I’m sure so many more that are out of the limelight.  You must be really close, with so many interests and shared experiences, which is so good. I’ve only had limited experience of playing in a team, with my indoor cricket, and we never travelled internationally lol, but you guys must really look out for each other – friends for life 🙂

I wrote another poem for you too…

Your effortless beauty
Love shining through
An image best in person
To be part of all you do

You deserve every accolade
For all that you have done
But love is the greatest
Prize that can be won

It’s not enough to say
You have the best career
With everything accomplished
Your heart is what you share

You might think you are privileged
To live a life so blessed
But it’s the privilege of others
To see the life you’ve led

Friends to share in life
Your every move is grace
A life that’s good and honest
Steps not made in haste

With each challenge presented
Southern Stars they prove their worth
With you as their keystone
Putting others first

I wonder at times
If there is a greater quality
In a world of “It’s me”
You shine humility

Rest easy knowing
My heart it is with you
I’ve searched for you a lifetime
My intentions they are true

Take care and sleep well
With dreams made just for you
Roses bloom where you have been
Which I collect to see me through

I care for you, I care about you. All my love, thinking of you now, and always xx


PS Turning the ignition on the car and hearing “You’re the Voice” on the radio – perhaps some things are just meant to be ❤