For you Ellyse

Hi Ellyse 🙂

I watched the first 30 minutes of a Tour de France stage a few weeks ago, I can see why you love it. And omg – the scenery – I’ve never seen anything like it, it’s like watching a painting unfold before your eyes. One commentator said the fastest he’d travelled on his bike was 110km/h downhill. Holy ****. To be honest you’ve kindled my interest in “everything sport”. I watched my first full game of basketball on TV, tied at 90 – 90, with 1 second to go, then a tip-in and a win, it was in the sports headlines into the early hours. It would be awesome to go to a game even if just for the atmosphere 🙂

I hope like anything you get to play, I imagine you’re like a coiled spring. It was so good to see a photo of you all kitted up, I really hope you get your share of time. In one article it was written “As expected, Ellyse Perry was on the sidelines, with an ongoing back injury restricting her to batting only”, but I hope you’re ok and keeping your spirits up, and that your healing is going well. I try to check before every game just to see if your starting. The cricket field isn’t the same without you on it ❤

Hopefully the heat over there is manageable! It looked like Derry wasn’t too bad, but then it hit 40 degrees in parts of England a week ago of course – you would know better than anyone what to do to stay safe and healthy. Maybe you’re used to it somehow, to some degree at least, what with Australia’s hotter climate. I loved your description in your “Ellyse Perry” children’s books of the heat of the sun on your head as you played, and how your “zincing” began/was first mentioned, it really set the scene, I felt I was there with you, as the whole series of books painted the scenes and events so well. They were so clever, so upbeat as I think I said, and just so positive.

I tried signing up to Kayo but it’s only available in Australia 😦 I hope I get your Commonwealth Games fixtures though, or at the very least the highlights; some of your games are at 10pm NZ which is quite good, and I can record the others at 5am, so I can see me sitting back and enjoying the games during the day 🙂 Tele-transportation would be useful about now. I’ll never forget those games and times at the Basin, once in a lifetime as far as you being there playing, so close to home.

I said in my first message how we had so much in common in so many respects that it was a bit ridiculous, but really what I should have said, now that I’ve had more time to reflect on it, is that we are entirely compatible, with how I see our feelings on life and things in general are.

I know I haven’t put my best foot forward even recently, but I’ll always be here. I know you get “I love you’s”, hearts, kisses and everything else from fans, which is honestly so nice, and some are really sweet, but yeah, there’s only one person who feels this in their heart, to the utmost degree, and that’s me.

With my poems, I mean every single word, and I can write how I feel no problem at all. But then it’s something else being with you in person. I remember at that last game, as you were there looking my way, I literally froze – I haven’t in my entire life ever experienced that before. That passed after a few moments, and it’s then I should have plucked up the courage to say hi. Anyway, even now I use that experience to help direct my inner compass and it serves me well 🙂

Congrats on your fifteen year anniversary too 🙂 🙂 You’ve lived such a full life! CodeSports doesn’t allow subscriptions outside of Australia, so I wasn’t able to read the article 😦 I’ve had a few major triumphs along the way, but then these have been more ethereal/intangible than anything, but no less substantial.

I love that you’re creating and engineering accessible gear. Like you said in Perspective, enjoyment is the #1 factor, you get just as much from a social game as in front of thousands if that enjoyment is there. So from there it makes sense that removing obstacles to that enjoyment can open up possibilities and change lives. It will be such a success.

All the very best for the Commonwealth Games, I know you’ll be great, you’re all angels in the outfield, you with the greatest wings of all. To be honest I’m a bit worried you’ll find a guy while you’re there, an elite athlete or something, and I’ll miss out. So I’ll keep my fingers crossed that one day our stars will align even more, but above everything else, the most important thing is that you are happy.

I’ve written a poem for you…

You’ve written your story
Full of insight and grace
That will remain for all time
Enjoyed by every age

Perspective’s a gift
To this world and to all
When I see other athletes
I ask how much they toiled

Kindness doesn’t struggle
To try to be kind
It naturally speaks
From the heart not the mind

Your kindness is true
And you show it with ease
Bringing a smile to so many
From their worries they’re freed

It wasn’t by chance
As your life it unfurled
Always meant to be seen
By this appreciative world

No matter the eleven
To play or to rest
I will always be yours
At devotion’s behest

If there’s ever a day
You feel a bit down
Know there’s one guy out there
Who sees your crown

Enjoy the English summer
May every moment be gold
With you as their talisman
As the Stars triumph is told

I have Perspective in hardcover too now, it looks so good on my bookshelf – I don’t have that much of a collection but it’s my most treasured. I’ll get it signed by you one day 😉 I know I will get even more from reading it the second (then third) time around 🙂

Have a wonderful time over there, and wishing you all the best to get through and win the gold.

All, all my love ❤