Hi Ellyse :)

Hi sweetheart 🙂

Well, I’ve been thinking, it would be beyond amazing if one day we chatted beyond the computer, yet at the same time, like I said, not knowing for sure of course, but there is a very good chance I would in fact be that nervous wreck. Anyway, my mobile number is +##-##-###-#### [redacted 11/11 @ 9am – not sure if this has been read], and my highest priority email address is #####@#######.##.## [redacted also], in case you ever want to say hi.

To be honest, I would, again, most likely, say all the wrong things, being just quite a newbie in this department (waiting a lifetime to find you), so hopefully you’ll understand if most of what I’d say ended up disappointing or confusing you :/ I would certainly do everything I could to respond, given that sometimes I’m driving, or at the other end of the house.

Maybe all conjecture, of course, but I hope, knowing that we are only a few buttons away from each other, it’s a good thing, no matter what. All that said, I don’t know what you’re thinking, maybe it’s just something entirely harmless though, but it will be just as wonderful for you leave it there, as, in every respect, I feel we have a special connection – us writing a love story that will endure.

I’m a bit one-week on and one-week off, too, none of it my fault at all. Every fortnight on a Wednesday I get an injection to sort out my bipolar, and that’s been the case since 2006. So, in that respect, it’s all good for me, still, I really do have faith that one day there’ll be an alternative that sorts everything out. God knows I need more than one miracle in my life lol, but then, as I truly feel in my heart, if I had a magic wand, what would be the use of just using it on myself when everyone around me is suffering, that would be selfish I feel. Perhaps a bit idealistic, but it sits right with me 🙂

Anyway, back to my medication, yes, so there’s a jab every second Wednesday (one just today), and from then, from the Friday to Monday I’m pretty much “out of sorts”, and struggle somewhat. But it’s a small price to pay for the benefit my medication gives me. All good, so there’s ten good days at least 🙂

Oh, yes – Sunset Sounds, so, and I try not to use the word too often, amazing. Actually, you’ve opened me to something new, new music, totally different to what I am accustomed to from when I had my iPod-mini and a selection of 900 songs. I did neglect the new tunes and musical gifts from about 2010, in many respects. I love Sunset Sounds, I can play it as the background to anything, my heart reaches out to you as I listen, smiles other times, and those upbeat beats. Oh, that last song, ❤ xx

Living home with my folks, it’s great for me and I still have all the freedom I need. And the use of the family car 🙂 I’ve had my share of flatting, and really enjoyed it, but it’s the perfect place for me at the moment. Mum and I get on so well, both mum and dad are 82, dad has a few health issues, but yeah, we all get on well, and there are always laughs and lighter moments to be had, and lots of love too. It sounds like your family life was full of love too. I loved how you went into detail with your dad, mum and Damien (and in your kids books too) – those adventures! And it’s so nice to have those early photographs, I’ve got a few, but a lot are stored away in the hall cupboard waiting to be digitised lol.

I just revisited the JP Gavin website too (such a switched-on guy), and had a look at the Staple section, and had a real good look into it – amazing! I love how you have created the steps and progressions, and the themes based on your own life, so beautiful, a real point-of-difference – that’s if anyone else in the world actually does what you have done! Certainly not as well if so, guaranteed. And yes, suited to every possible age and size, that is beautiful, and so simple and straightforward, put together so everything around it is just as accessible as the product itself.

I love the design/branding too – it fits in so well with the whole demographic, I feel. If you had something to do with that, or everything to do with that, you have done a great job, and it’s so great to see you out there with it – it looks great – there can’t be too many sportspeople who know what that’s like. Every parent wants their children to succeed, so that must be such a driving force.

I would love to be part of everything you do – the most interesting things that go on for me tend to be things on the inside, insights which make my days interesting and actually, really a lot of fun at times – even if it’s just me wandering around the mall, grabbing a coffee, being inspired by something a bit quirky, or meeting up with friends, it always great (keeping “us” a bit “mum” at the moment 🙂 )

The last time I was reading Perspective, I was looking closer at the design, the layout, the content of course, everything – one word came to mind which I feel is the best way it can be described:


It is cherished, my most cherished on my little bookshelf, and I have your four “Ellyse Perry” kids books too 🙂 They are adorable. I know from what I’ve read that you are a big reader, I find it hard to concentrate at times, and it’s been about twenty-five years since I’ve been totally emotionally and mentally absorbed, immersed and part of the story, devouring a book dying to know what’s on the next page – hopefully you understand what I mean there.

Nowadays I read in short bursts, and I still read, love and enjoy everything that I feel is something really worthwhile me getting into. I’m like you too – more often than not I just can’t put myself in front of an hours long movie, rather I find that life is an adventure, and every moment missed can be an opportunity missed too.

Actually going back to Perspective, after reading it a couple of times, I found it fun to just skip around the pages seeing what would present itself – the book is like a roadmap on how to live a life well, I feel. Sometimes this “flicking around the book”, yet still reading and absorbing, is just what I need to do at the time, and somehow I always find I’m reading what’s perfect for me in that moment, or what will get me thinking and reflecting, perhaps even something for one of these messages. I’ll definitely read it cover-to-cover again though, always 🙂

It might haven taken a year or two
Only you would know to say
But a life of love and wisdom
Is there on every page

I hope your day is going great, or that you are having a lovely evening. Good luck and all the best for your game tomorrow – so good you getting that 69 🙂

Hugs & love,

Jase xx