Happy Valentine’s day Ellyse :)

Hi Sweetheart 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤ ❤ ❤

A day from me to you. Really, I don’t really know much about Valentines day, it’s all a bit foreign to me, maybe this is just me trying to do the right thing, along with countless other guys, but then I saw a bunch of the most beautiful roses a few days ago, and really, honestly, I wanted to buy them then and there and give them to you! The fact Valentines day was approaching was a bit secondary lol. Actually, I was a bit gutted because I’ve never given roses to anyone before lol. Next year 🙂 ❤

I hope your tour is going well. I think we must only get 10% of an idea of the things that you guys do and get up to, and all you get to experience. I guess there’s heaps of training, planning, nutrition and the like, and looking after yourselves, and each other, so that you’re all safe and happy and can really enjoy the experience. Not knowing anything about such things, but maybe those are some of the priorities?

So far so good on your journey to gold! Although it’s only just started, of course. You must really be enjoying the tournament so much more than what otherwise might be the case, perhaps more than anyone else, after your injury in 2020 ruled you out of the same tournament, at home no less. With so much of your life balanced around your sport, that must have been so tough – so good you healed up so well. You must have the greatest medical team. Anyway, I don’t know if it’s the right thing to say to say “that’s all in the past”, but it’s so good you’re fully fit again.

6am is quite a cool time to switch on and watch, with hot cup’s of frothy chai latte and flat whites (the sachet’s made here in NZ are really quite good), slippers and a nice warm oversized hoodie. A bit of a contrast when at the same time you might be about to face a challenging delivery, or perhaps ready on the boundary for any given possibility.

I hear you’re a real café/coffee aficionado, that sounds intriguing! I love coffee too, such a treat, something to go searching and wandering for, it’s good when the wait is worth it I reckon. Finding a coffee cart or cute little café just around a corner, or going somewhere familiar. It’s such a great culture – embedded in society. I find switching to an ice cold version from a traditional hot cuppa can be quite nice with the warmer temps too, even if I do end up looking like a big kid 🙂 Only one or two a day at this stage, but open to more… 🙂

Flat white’s are my staple though, I don’t like to be any trouble to anyone lol, but I know you could educate me on such things 🙂 Maybe you have a flash coffee machine at home? I had my first Iced Americano last week, adventurous me lol, it was really quite nice! Maybe you have a mental map of most café’s in Melbourne and Sydney? Do you get noticed and recognised being the sports star you are? That must be fun I guess lol. I heard ages ago you might have said you go “under the radar” quite a bit. That’s intriguing too! That would have benefits too I reckon.

I try to be “adventurous” more and more, trying something new every now and then, as opportunities arise; I do tend to remember how something interesting makes me feel, the experience I might have, a mental map for me too, ducking into a new and intriguing shop for the first time for something to eat (as an example, all beginner stuff really) – stepping out of my comfort zone. Then that memory is something I can call upon later, as things spring to mind just at the right time, and I can say to myself; “I remember there! I’ll go there again now.” Probably nothing unusual with that lol, my “belief” too, i.e. where what’s inside me, that I have worked so had to attain, sees me through.

But yeah, I’m a complete beginner with finding my way around and finding the confidence I need, but really, going back to “our” last game, as you looked my way, I learned such a valuable lesson – like what is now one of my mantras – “This looks interesting, is there a reason why I shouldn’t do this?” Actually, now I think about it, it’s not at all that difficult, and it’s really good fun once I get over that initial hesitation – trusting everything will be wonderful, and I haven’t had a bad experience yet. You would have no problem as far as hesitating is concerned I’m sure, you have all the confidence in the world – doors would open for you, even without anyone recognising you I think – your team of angels on your shoulder will always be waiting to be brought into action 🙂

So yeah, exploring and making a deliberate effort to go out of my comfort zone is really quite new to me, but I’ve been making the effort and making great strides as a result I think 🙂 Really, honestly, you have inspired me along such lines too, as I wonder what it might feel like to walk around some CBD somewhere, us together – could be fun! #YoursToKeep

Someone once told me that life is all about experiences, and if you tried something new and didn’t enjoy it, you can say; “I’ve had a new experience, and life is all about experiences”. Life must be so much better when you have the most incredibly beautiful, intelligent, fun, loving, and caring woman by your side… I can see it happening one day if you’re interested? ❤ Maybe some way to go.

Of course I think of you so often, I would say all the time but then I have to watch the news every now and then 🙂 All of this would never have happened if we hadn’t been there together at the Basin. After really thinking about you even before the World Cup started, even before you were in New Zealand, in a strange way I felt a connection to you even then, maybe that sounds weird, magic maybe, I dunno. It’s almost like the more I wondered about you, and the more I thought of you, it just felt right that I wanted to be around you, or at least say “hi”. It never once felt like I was a fan.

I always intended to go to every game, at least I hoped I could, and somehow say hello, or just put myself there at the ground and see what would happen, just see how things might work out, even though I eventually said nothing lol. You had a great fielding position too! 😉 I had no expectations that anything might come of it, just hoping something would, thinking maybe if there is a God, maybe they would look down on us and play cupid haha ❤

So good you’ve got your Staple gear with you – so cool. You look so good using it, that photo of you in the net’s is awesome. Then my mind thinks; “How did you get the colour on the pads right?” Haha. Painted on I guess, I dunno. That’s just me. But yes, you (and Josh) must be really proud. It’s such a quality product, and it’s working so well.

I hope you’re getting plenty of interest and sales, helping create the “next Ellyse Perry”, or inspiring girls and boys to be the best they possibly can be, or to help them find their own direction and so they can develop their inner strength, giving them the tools they need to get them there. In other words, I feel you inspiring others is everything you’ve been doing since the beginning of your career – and quite a beginning! Helping people of all ages, adults like me too, more to come too, I’m sure.

I actually saw on Facebook, without even searching for it, the 7 minute clip of your T20 debut against England. Holy moley! You were amazing! Talk about a way to introduce your self haha. And you being interviewed at the end, I think that was the best bit, you were so happy! Beaming! To the max! I honestly could only think that that wasn’t so much a sign of things to come with your sporting ability, but with what you would become as a person, an incredible woman. A star was born they said right then, nah, a star was born in 1990 🙂

You use your profile you have built throughout your career as a platform, and you use it for the right reasons – it’s just all so cool. I’m still randomly opening a Perspective page when inspiration calls me too, often marvelling as just the right topic presents itself for me, to give me that boost and what I really need to hear. I’ll read it again all over, but yeah, with my quite limited concentration span most times, I get so much just from jumping around the pages.

I guess you know you have had (and are still having of course) such an amazing life journey, then with that it must be such a privilege to be able to “give back”, maybe that’s one of the things you can say you enjoy the most? A lot of it must take a lot of planning and careful thought, sitting back and thinking things through so everything goes as smoothly as possible. Then you have all the people you know right behind you, Always Human sounds interesting, I like the name. Sometimes I rush and click too soon, so I really need someone over my shoulder to help me out, give me advice and lend me all their experience – someone completely switched on. Do you know anybody? ❤

I saw you and the team receiving the indigenous greeting at Gqeberha too, wow that looked quite amazing – you must get close to many interesting and diverse cultures wherever you travel. There you were, taking it all in, looking lovely 🙂 ❤ I try to see everything that goes through social media to do with the Stars, and everything relating to you of course, there’s quite a bit, but everything online always looks really cool, and really good fun. So professionally put together too.

Something just so special I saw though, I saw the video where each of you gave another their playing shirt. OMG you looked – wow 🙂 SO beautiful. Seeing you so clear, even if only for a couple of moments, I don’t see you in video like that very often, it just seemed more real. What a smile. A dream. So close. Sorry about sounding like a fan – one day everyone will know that that’s not the case, and that I am yours, and I am yours to keep 🙂

Annabel and Darcie look like real characters. Every one of you in fact. For the brief moment I saw Midge at the Basin she looked like a ball of energy, and I would love to meet Georgia and all your buddies one day too, if that ever became a possibility. The whole ceremony would have been so incredibly special, you were all laughing, but I think Darcy said nerve wracking too! A meeting of great souls 🙂

I could keep writing to you for years. Given time I could write poetry to make three or four novels, it’s all about inspiration and that’s what you are to me. If there’s a heaven we’ve met before and we’re just catching up 🙂 You don’t need to do anything from where I’m sitting, but then I don’t know what the right thing to do would be anyway 🙂 Pretty much a novice as far as relationships go, that’s me.

It would be a dream to message or chat, totally nerve-wracking but altogether exciting I think. Yep, I would stuff it up for sure lol, so I hope you’ll be forgiving 🙂 Late last year in one of these messages I dropped my highest priority email and the number I always have on me, that was probably a bit lame, you would have your own thinking or just to leave it, still, input@hotmail.co.nz and +64 22 129 3657 lol. Hopefully you don’t mind too much, even if they’re never used, I feel it’s a positive thing, anyway. I’ll always answer unless I can’t, I’ll always make the effort to pick up. I’m learning, yes, as you liked on Twitter; “Get comfortable with uncertainty – there are no guarantees in sport and life.”

This is all quite a journey for me, maybe you too? Loving every moment of it 🙂 A bit challenging for me at times, but in a really good way, so special for me, sacred, even though I make misstep’s along the way, hopefully not too major. You are so loving, understanding, and so switched on.

It can’t be all that easy for you, you have so much going on in your life. You are a genius at Social Media 🙂 Everything you do is so measured – so inspired – and so inspiring – and we do our thing along with it 🙂

I wrote a poem for you, it’s about all I can do from here, for this special day, but I have written it for you with all the love I have 🙂

As we make our way much closer
As our keyboards show the way
Every tap a sacred moment
A time of love and play

I watch you on TV
And see you do your thing
You’re a country in my heart it’s true
And it’s your anthem that I sing

For every special quality
A person may try to gain
You have them all already
Your heart a sacred flame

I’ll probably stumble and bumble
If I had you on the phone
Even my typing could go amiss
But my heart will never roam

I know I use devoted
As something I can say
But no word can do you justice
You’re the light that makes the day

It’s true we’re a world apart
But as this Universe is so vast
We’re holding hands so close, with care
Lives entwined until the last

No matter what the result might be
In any game you play
I’ll be there to have that cuppa
And share away the day

Enjoy this rose I give to you
Valentine’s day today
I’d give it with a kiss as well
But you’re so far away

Love you Ellyse, always.

Have a wonderful week, good luck for tonight’s game! xx

Jase ❤