The Open Door

Consider this…  Every soul, person, or however you wish to refer to an individual, without exclusion, will be welcomed home by God, to a future too good to be imagined.

Consider then, every person who has ever lived, and ask yourself; “Even the worst throughout human history?”

It cannot be denied, if you were to believe in “what goes around comes around”, or karma, some will have difficult
lessons to learn, if they haven’t learned them already.

But to exclude or deny anyone from experiencing their innate, completely positive spiritual nature, with no chance of redemption, is evil in itself.

Each and every one of us has made mistakes, and the magnitude of these does not change the fact that we are all sparks and flames of the same God.

Never lose hope. This world will change for the better, and your awareness and experience will change also.

God opens the door to everyone, and no one is left behind.


A prayer

Dear heavenly Creator,

Allow us to accept that we may have negativity within us, and send us Your divine energy to heal us in every possible way, so that we experience Your loving nature, and Your unconditional love for us all.

Help us understand our past actions through contemplation, love, knowledge, and forgiveness, so that we learn to love ourselves, and every other person, unconditionally.

Allow us to accept that everyone knows their own way back to You, with the most powerful guidance coming from within, and not from anyone else, bringing us love, bliss, ecstasy, excitement, and joy.

May we recognise that a positive outer change will only happen when the innermost part of us is healed first, discovering that “Peace on Earth, Heaven on Earth” is to become a reality.

And may everyone rejoice in their heart, mind, and soul, knowing that we are all guaranteed Paradise, for eternity.

Peace, and blessings.



Dedicated to all those who have helped shape this book into what it is now, even with a random encounter, a glance, or a word heard by chance, and to family, friends and everyone who have been there for me throughout my journey, thank you.


Edition 5.03.005 (yet to print)