by Jason Remfrey

Last updated:  25th April 2018 @ 8:00pm

What is omniscience?  It is the ability to retrieve all sorts of interesting, relevant and useful information that a person may need to bring resolution to their soul.  Omniscience is not just a gift available to a select few.

A person’s ability to obtain the correct information is determined by their “clarity of soul”, or in other words, how much negativity they have within them.  When a soul still has negativity within them, then their ability to use omniscience has the risk of being clouded by the negativity held within their subconscious mind and spiritual consciousness.

It comes in the form of intuitive, heartfelt knowledge, where the recipient does not doubt what they are receiving, as it “feels right” in the heart.  It also makes sense.

Do you have any questions relating to your own life, or your personal situation, or events of the past?  Work on healing your spiritual self, and everything else will follow, and this will only serve you well.

An example process

You have the tools within yourself to help you become your greatest guide.  As well as this, you have the support of not only myself on a spiritual level, but those who are your friends and guides within the spiritual realms who are ready to help you in whatever way you may need.

Open yourself to omniscient knowledge and allow God’s Grace to move within your heart.  Know He loves you like no other, and know He only wants the best for you.

Meditation is a great tool in allowing previously unknown knowledge to arise within your conscious mind.  Meditation can happen anywhere, but if you set some time aside, on a regular basis (if possible), then you are showing to your Creator that you are willing to help yourself, and your own situation.  It’s very much a case of “I will take one step towards God, knowing He will take a hundred steps towards me”.

Importantly, the higher you ascend, or the more positive you become (by removing negativity through meditation etc.), the “clearer” you will be within yourself, which, as I have mentioned, means the knowledge you will receive will become more and more accurate and reliable.  Having what is known as a “crystal clear consciousness” is the goal.

When you have a question, simply allow it to “reside in your heart”.  Try not to repeat in your mind the question repeatedly, instead, be aware of the question, without “trying too hard”.

Go back to this awareness when you feel you need to, or meditate when you feel the need is there or as your heart guides you.  In time, perhaps sooner than you might think, you may receive the answer as a heartfelt understanding, one that gives you the answer you need, in a powerful, concrete and undeniable way.

Be patient, be aware, and be open.

If you receive advice from others, still be true to yourself as needed, giving time for information given from others (especially spiritually) to resonate within your heart before choosing to go down a particular path, if you feel the need to do this.  Remember that you have your own sacred guidance, and no-one knows you better than God and your higher self.

If you feel you are in a state of confusion, with a busy mind and “a lot on your plate”, know that in time, this question and answer process will become easier and easier as you change within yourself with the help of meditation, allowing a gradual but powerful healing to take place.  Even in a busy world, a change within yourself will bring about a change in your perception of everything around you, and perhaps even a change in your outer circumstances.

As a famous singer has sung:

“What you don’t know you can feel it somehow”

And a wonderful quote by Albert Einstein:

“The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, and the solution comes to you. You don’t know how or why.”

Meditation is an important tool for allowing omniscient knowledge to enter your life.


Visions are also a powerful tool.  In meditation, with eyes closed, you may be presented with some sort of clear visual “experience” which may cause you to think along different lines.  It may start you questioning further and thinking laterally, and rather than just being given a direct answer, it may lead you down a train of thought until you gain clarity (or an understanding) that feels “right in the heart”.

I like to refer to the place (or space) where visions present themselves as “the canvas”.  Visions can also sometimes occur while the eyes are wide open, in numerous ways, some experiences being subtle, some being more apparent.

Creation itself can be a wonderful guide too.  Being open to experiences (subtle or not so subtle) that unfold around you, may lead you to question situations in your life in more depth, or in new ways, opening you to new lines of thought and understandings, much as I described with visions above.  As I like to say…

The most amazing things can happen when you least expect them.

Dreams can be a wonderful way of receiving clarity also, or as a way to unclutter the mind.  If in the morning you awake and can remember a dream that took place during the night, or you awake immediately after a dream takes place, it could be that this is something that has some relevance, and knowledge can be gained in a similar way as I have described above with visions.

However, some dreams are merely clearing out unwanted subconscious knowledge, fears, wants, ideas, life situations, and events that have taken place in the past.  The real trick is distinguishing what is something God is helping you to understand, and what is something that needs to be put aside and let go.

As a rule of thumb, dreams that appear negative or disturbing will be clearing out negativity, allowing a healing to take place.  Those dreams that are more positive may be guiding you into a more positive understanding of yourself, allowing you to grow and helping to reveal your true potential.  All of these are gifts from God that can be held close to one’s heart.

A journal is a great idea too.  Noting down thoughts, ideas, dreams, visions, experiences and events allows a person to look back and see just how much they have grown, learned and accomplished.  Just the process of writing these down can allow clarity to be gained, and a deeper understanding can arise.  Your life is a story, and everyone’s story is different, unique and important.  Each of our journeys may be different, but from a purely spiritual perspective, where we came from, and where we are going to, are things we all have in common.

These are simply examples, but saying this, I feel that meditation, and walking meditation (as described earlier in this book), are key aspects when it comes to gaining clarity of soul.  As well as this, you may find your own way of discovering your answers, and you may be able to share with others how you have come to discover what you have now come to know.


Sometimes the answers may not come, or perhaps the time where you feel knowledge should arise, may not be the time when it will arise.  If this is the case, know that resolution for your soul may differ to knowing something which may not serve your progress in any significant way.

Saying this, you may receive answers to questions you haven’t even thought of asking yet, as heartfelt knowledge arises for seemingly no reason at all.

Again, allow answers to come naturally, when they need to.  God knows you better than you know yourself.  He knows what you need for your journey, and He only has your best interests at heart.

Much love,


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