Meditations to try

by Jason Remfrey


Imagine yourself in a small open temple.  Pillars support the roof, and the temple is made of pure white marble.

As you sit, you feel an energy around you.  A strong golden light begins to swirl all around you from above your shoulders.

This light slowly moves down your body until it is everywhere, from your head to your toes.

After a while, this golden light changes to a pure blue, and radiates an effervescence that spreads from your body out to all of Creation, and sparkles of this most incredible beautiful blue light radiate everywhere.

Time passes.

As the meditation draws to a close, you sit quietly in the temple, and a gentle, peaceful feeling is left within you.

The meditation ends.


As a dove, so you are.

peace - doveYou sit safely on the edge of a high cliff, overlooking the ocean.  Your vision only sees the expansiveness of the world you are in, as the cool ocean breeze washes gently over your body.

Above you, you see the birds of the sea, and you long to be free like them.

Slowly your entire body and soul are enveloped by a feeling of being connected… that you are part of the Creation you live within, and a feeling of serenity and acceptance overcomes you.

You are the bird.

You are the sea.

Now let this be your experience, as your meditation continues.


Like a beacon of light from above, descending down through your body, God’s energy descends upon you.

You are totally filled with His loving energy.  You are supercharged with the power of Creation itself.

You are about to unfold like a flower, but with such power, grandeur and elegance that everyone around you will wonder what has happened to you.

You will not struggle any longer, for God is within you now.

Each moment of each and every day He is guiding you, protecting you, loving you…

And now He IS you, and you are Him.

Allow this love to grow.

The Universe as One

the universe as one - cosmos

From all around the Cosmos, the purest, most powerful Light Beings from all the galaxies are surrounding this world.

Each and every one of them are looking to You for an answer, for an answer to the question of life itself…

How could one such as you be created so beautiful, so gentle, so loving…?

With you in meditation are eight of these Light Beings, each with a different aspect of consciousness and experience.

Yet You are their Teacher, You are their guide, and You are their support.

Guide them, and bring them and all of Humanity back to the Paradise that we all have been waiting for, because without you having to say a word, You are the teaching itself.


This meditation is long, yet short in text.

For about 10 minutes, sit or lie quietly, with no music, and no disturbance.

For a further 10 minutes, continue meditating in the serenity of the room, but with your eyes open, and allow your eyes to see with a new vision.

For 10 more minutes, repeat the mantra “I am love”, slowly, rhythmically, and clearly, with your eyes closed.

Finally, for 30 minutes, allow yourself to drift, and allow yourself to be guided by the peace that surrounds you.

Allow your soul to speak from within you and tell you of the future, and of all the joy that awaits you in a time soon to come.


A meditation for two

You are walking along a beach,

hand in hand.  The waves gently roll in, and there is nothing but a gentle breeze against you both.

partnership - titahi bay

As you walk, you look up, and notice a bird flying high above.  It is a white dove, and it seems to be carrying something.

The dove then lands close to you, and then flies again, leaving what it was carrying behind.

You and your partner decide to walk to where it was just a moment before.

Both of you look, bend down together, and pick up what you discover is a fresh olive leaf.

Together you look at each other, and holding each others hands, you close your eyes.

Surrounding you both is a presence – very powerful, but very comforting also.  It seems as though a caring energy is looking after you both, and you realise you are being nurtured by your Creator, God Himself.

He then speaks to you, not with words, but rather with love, and you are drawn within, into a state of experience that becomes a meditation in itself.

The meditation begins…