Writing is a passion of mine, although I always have to wait for the inspiration and moment to present itself, as opposed to trying to force the creative process when the energy just isn’t there.

Fuel for the Mind and Soul

Pocket-sized book of quotations, contemplations, and more. 80 pages.
Price:  $15.00
FOURTH EDITION AVAILABLE MID-JAN-2022. Click to order (takes you to Writer’s Plot online store) / Find out more


The only thing you can do with power is give it back

The aim is not so much to learn, but to master the art of learning…  Read more

Affirmations, Contemplations, Meditations

The love inside a child’s heart sees my beauty, even though at times I do not

When I look at the trees, I see all the Mother Earth provides for me, as each branch and leaf gives me the air that feeds my very breath.  In this, I recognise that my body is the Earth itself…  Read more

Collective Teachings


A ten year project, not so much teaching, but rather sharing my thoughts and feelings on all sorts of subjects.  I have every intention of publishing this (online at first) at some point in the future. 300 pages… Read more