Writing is a passion of mine, although I always have to wait for the inspiration and moment to present itself, as opposed to trying to force the creative process when the energy just isn’t there.

Collective Teachings

A ten year project, not so much teaching, but rather sharing my thoughts and feelings on all sorts of subjects.  I have every intention of publishing this (online at first) at some point in the future. 294 pages… Read more


Fuel for the Mind and Soul

Fuel 2018 cover - reduced - 600h

74 page mini-book (7 x 9 cm)


I hold these quotations very close to my heart.  I hope you enjoy reading them, as much as I enjoyed creating them.

The only thing you can do with power is give it back…  Read more

Affirmations, Contemplations, Meditations

The love inside a child’s heart sees my beauty, even though at times I do not

When I look at the trees, I see all the Mother Earth provides for me, as each branch and leaf gives me the air that feeds my very breath.  In this, I recognise that my body is the Earth itself…  Read more