Collective Teachings

By Jason Remfrey

A ten year project, not so much teaching, but rather sharing my thoughts and feelings on all sorts of subjects.  I have every intention of publishing this (online at first) at some point in the future, although with one or two of the topics it could well be seen as quite controversial, and I’m not quite ready for the scrutiny that might bring, at this time.


294 pages

Copyright disclaimer
Table of Contents (4 pages)
A note to the Reader


Invocation (3 pages)
A Beginners Guide (7 pages)
The Nature of God (6 pages)
The Fall from Grace (2 pages)

The Atlantean time (4 pages)
….. The Second Fall
….. A sobering note

Major Religions (16 pages)
….. Christianity
….. Buddhism
….. Islam
….. Hinduism
….. Spiritual Teachings
….. Spiritual Teachers
….. A Message

God’s Workers (3 pages)
….. Mental Illness
….. Down Syndrome

The Twelve Teachers (2 pages)
The Gift that is You (2 pages)
Reincarnation (2 pages)

Karma (8 pages)
….. Intention
Positive karma
Not everything that happens is karma
….. Empathy and Compassion

Learn to Meditate (13 pages)
….. The Walking Meditation
….. Meditations to try

The Future (5 pages)
Paradise (7 pages)

Other Teachings

The “Void State” (3 pages)
The Spiritual Realms (7 pages)
Power and control (2 pages)
Wealth and Poverty (2 pages)
Children (2 pages)
Spiritual energy (5 pages)
Vegetarianism (2 pages)
Mother Earth (2 pages)

The Natural Kingdom (5 pages)
….. Evolution
….. Plant life
…..“Pest” control

Sexuality (2 pages)
Racial discrimination (2 pages)
Sexual discrimination (2 pages)
Suicide (3 pages)

War (5 pages)
….. Timeframe examples
….. In memory and with gratitude

Health & Wellbeing (3 pages)
….. Ageing

Medication & Spirituality (4 pages)
Drug Use (6 pages)
Mental Illness (18 pages)
Intuition (3 pages)
Crime (5 pages)
Law and Order (5 pages)
Politics (3 pages)
The Financial System (2 pages)
The “Pause” (2 pages)
Sport (2 pages)
Twin Souls
The Cuban Missile Crisis (2 pages)

The Universe (5 pages)
The Creation of the Physical Universe
….. Stepping Stones
….. God groups
….. The Earth Replica
….. Other life

The Science of Transformation (6 pages)
Spiritual energy as a power source (3 pages)
Sacred Symbol explanation


My “Stargate” Experience (4 pages)
The Tunnel (3 pages)
Who Created the Stars? (3 pages)

Questions and Answers

Why doesn’t God stop the suffering? (2 pages)
Do animals reincarnate? (2 pages)
Is hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) safe? (2 pages)
Does copyright infringement (piracy) incur karma?
How is euthanasia seen spiritually? (3 pages)
I am just one person. Can I change the world? (3 pages)
Do U.F.O’s exist?
Is genetic engineering safe? (2 pages)
Is animal testing appropriate? (2 pages)
What about climate change? (2 pages)
Should I take medication if the need arises? (2 pages)
Does the paparazzi serve a purpose? (2 pages)
What is déjà vu?


Glossary of Terms (13 pages)

About me (7 pages)
….. Background
….. Education
….. Work
….. My interest in spirituality

Spiritual Milestones (7 pages)

In conclusion
….. Related links