Affirmations, Contemplations, Meditations


My heart is the centre of my understanding

My thoughts are temporary, the love in my heart is solid and permanent

I listen to my heart and my intuition, and allow my mind to relax

Love is within me, and all around me

Even though I cannot see Him, everywhere around me is the living, breathing God

My intuition recalls positive memories and thoughts at just the right time, when I need them most

The love that is a child’s nature sees the beauty of all I am, even though at times I may struggle to see it myself

I am able to discern the truth from the illusion

Through meditation, I hold within me the key to unlock the essence of who I am

God will support me in every possible way to get me to my next positive step

I will be given love to experience and keep forever even if I don’t know what love is, or I have no idea of its possibility

Throughout my life, my journey is guided, and nurtured, by the unconditionally loving Universal Father and Mother



Contrary to popular belief, many who tread the spiritual path are in fact less spiritual than those who lead ordinary lives


Is the truth something that is factually correct? Or is it an inner experience?


Seeing the world as spiritual, free from the clouds of negativity that filter through the mind, is realising that each of us is a precious spark that will soon become a burning flame. There is never any judgement, only an appreciation that everyone has a story, and everyone is equal in God’s eyes


A materialistic offering from the heart is to give what you no longer need and will never use or truly enjoy, without wishing for acknowledgment, or anything material in return

The unknown

Life is not knowing what will come next. But rather than worrying unnecessarily, this can be looked upon as a great adventure


When I look at the trees, I see everything the Mother Earth has provided for me, as each branch and every leaf gives me the air that feeds my very breath.

A new start

Humanities existence on Earth is perilous, perhaps without any future. For all the world’s problems, a spiritual solution exists. After all, we are all atoms, molecules, and energy. Energy changes energy. There is something better coming


What is living in the moment? In a simple way, giving up attachment to plans you may have had, or things you may have wanted to do, allowing life to unfold around you in the most beautiful way


Every grain of sand has a story to tell, and has a place in the future. Nothing is lost, it just changes form and takes time to become all it was meant to be. Creation is a continuum, one that takes us all on a journey to a Paradise that exists for eternity

For the seeker

Are you pursuing God, or is God pursuing you?


As with physics, and the law of cause and effect… Everything we say and everything we do has an impact around us. Everything we feel and everything we think affects our environment also. Even if we sit and are seemingly doing nothing, still, we have an impact. For this reason, healing ourselves, especially emotionally and spiritually, smoothens our road, and transforms life’s journey into a positive experience


Offering help to those in need will return goodness more than any acknowledgment, or financial reward can bring… As with a spiritual principle, simply put, “actions will return a positive experience, otherwise something to learn”


So do you want to find peace, happiness, perhaps even God? Then follow a path of love. Are you struggling to find a path of love? That may be because of the hurts you have within you. Meditation is a key tool for discovery and healing



Imagine yourself in a small open temple. Pillars support the roof, and the temple is made of the purest white marble.

As you sit, you feel an energy around you, and a powerful golden light begins to swirl around your head and your shoulders.

This light slowly moves down your body until it is everywhere, from your head to your toes.

After a while, this golden light changes to a pure blue, and radiates out to everything around you, and sparkles of this most incredible beautiful blue light radiate everywhere.

Time passes.

As the meditation draws to a close, you sit quietly in the temple, and a gentle, peaceful feeling is left within you.

The meditation ends.


As a bird is free, so are you.

You sit safely on the edge of a high cliff, overlooking the ocean.

Your vision only sees the expansiveness of the world, as the cool ocean breeze washes gently over your body.

Above you, you see birds of the sea, and you feel their freedom.

Slowly, your entire body and soul feels connected to the world, and to everyone, and everything around you.

You feel part of Creation, and a feeling of serenity and acceptance overcomes you.

You are the bird. You are the sea.

Now let this be your experience, as your meditation continues.


Like a beacon of light from above, descending through your body, God’s energy shines upon you.

You are totally filled with His love and grace. You are supercharged with the power of Creation itself.

You are about to unfold like a rose, but with such power, grandeur and elegance that everyone around you will wonder how you have become so positive and happy.

Each moment of each and every day God is guiding you, protecting you, nurturing you. He loves you.

He would be incomplete without you. Creation would be incomplete without you.

And now, you are both one Spirit.

Your struggle is over, for God is with you now, and you are together, forever, never to be parted.

Allow this awareness to grow, and your meditation to begin

The Universe as One

From all around the Cosmos, the purest, most powerful Light Beings from every galaxy are surrounding this world.

Each and every one of them are looking to You for an answer, for an answer to the question of life itself… How could one such as you be created so beautiful, so gentle, and so loving?

With you in meditation are twelve of these Light Beings, each having a different quality, experience, and energy.

Yet, You are their teacher, You are their guide, and they look to You for the answer.

Now, in meditation, guide them home, and guide all of Humanity back to the Paradise that we are waiting for, because without you having to say a word, or do anything, you shine as a light for everyone… You are the answer itself.

Sight and Sound

For about 20 minutes, sit, or lie quietly, with your eyes closed, with no music, observing any sounds around you, while at the same time not being affected by them.

Then, for 10 minutes, continue meditating in the serenity of the room, but with your eyes open, allowing you to see
with a new vision.

For 10 more minutes, close your eyes, and in your mind, if it feels right for you, repeat the words; “I am divine”.

Finally, for 20 minutes, allow yourself to drift, and be guided by the energy that surrounds you.

Allow your soul to speak from within you, with energy, or words, to tell you of the future, and of all the joy that awaits you, and those you love, in a time soon to come.


A meditation for two

You are both walking along a beach, hand in hand. The waves gently roll in, and there is nothing but a gentle breeze
cooling you both.

As you walk, you look up, and notice a bird flying high above. It is a white dove, and it is carrying something.

The dove lands close to you, then flies away, leaving what it was carrying behind.

You and your partner walk to where it was, just a moment ago.

Both of you look, bend down together, and pick up what you discover is a fresh green olive leaf.

Together you look at each other, and holding each others hands, you both close your eyes.

Surrounding you both is a presence – very powerful, but very comforting also.

A caring energy is looking after you both, and you realise you are being nurtured by your Creator, God Himself.

God then speaks to you both, not with words, but rather with love, and you are drawn within, into a state of experience and bliss that becomes the meditation itself.

The meditation begins…

Edition 4.06.005