Quotations by myself

by Jason Remfrey

Most of these were created between 2002 and 2003, and a number of others just recently.

~ 1 ~

The most wonderful things can happen when you least expect them

~ 2 ~

Life is a party. It’s just that not everybody arrives at the same time

~ 3 ~

Learning to think before you speak takes time

~ 4 ~

In amongst the angels on Earth we are, for that is us

~ 5 ~

Serve others needs as though they were your own

 ~ 6 ~

Each of us is a stitch
in the fabric of Creation

~ 7 ~

The only thing you can do with power is give it back

~ 8 ~

Let go of the outer; discover the inner. Then go back to loving the outer, forever

 ~ 9 ~

Every blade of grass is a gift from God

~ 10 ~

Eternal life, sought by all, is found by those who want it for others

 ~ 11 ~

Intellectualism is the problem of this world

~ 12 ~

Feel love in the heart, not the mind

 ~ 13 ~

To become what you desire, drop the desire

~ 14 ~

Prejudice comes from a lack of understanding

~ 15 ~

Our outer experience can sometimes be a mirror of our inner reality

~ 16 ~

God wants us to feel special, but doesn’t want us to feel any more special than anyone else

~ 17 ~

God is unconditional love.  If you fight in His name, you fight God Himself

~ 18 ~

Meditation never ends, the experience just gets deeper and deeper until you become one with Him

~ 19 ~

Looking on the bright side of life can sometimes be
ignoring the facts

~ 20 ~

Surrender all that is inside of you which holds on to material possessions, and
there contentment remains

~ 21 ~

The aim is not so much to learn, but to master the art of learning

~ 22 ~

A train of thought is just that – a train – so wait until all the carriages have gone past before making your decision

~ 23 ~

Take a trip
back in time;
spend a night outdoors

~ 24 ~

Art is creation.
Creation is God

~ 25 ~

Taking time to identify and understand an emotion helps the mind with its next step

~ 26 ~

Put away your Bible
Put away your Koran
Put away your Scriptures…
Come from the heart, and find God

~ 27 ~

Love cannot be understood, only experienced

~ 28 ~

Wellness is a state of spiritual, emotional, physical and mental well-being

~ 29 ~

You will only see true beauty on the outside when you have discovered your own true beauty within you

~ 30 ~

It’s nice to know
you’re not perfect

~ 31 ~

Everyone’s truth is different, but the truth that lies beyond the mind remains the same

~ 32 ~

The whole world
is a hospital.
No patients or doctors though, just people

~ 33 ~

Peace – a pure emotion tainted by nothing but love

~ 34 ~

To bring together a worldly experience with spiritual understanding is to find balance in one’s life

~ 35 ~

See love in the eyes of another, even if they are not inclined to see the same love in you

~ 36 ~

All life is Sacred

~ 37 ~

When the mind rules over the heart, there irrational
decisions are born

~ 38 ~

Come from the
heart, and let life
unfold around you

~ 39 ~

To live in bliss
is to recognise the essence within all life forms

~ 40 ~

God, although not visible in form, is everywhere to see

~ 41 ~

Knowledge and wisdom are not read or taught, rather experienced,
felt and known

~ 42 ~

A mystery is something
that comes and goes
without an answer.
A question is something that turns mystery into thought.
Thoughtful questioning opens up a pathway to omniscient knowledge