My “Stargate” experience

This is an accurate written account of what I consider to be one of my most powerful spiritual experiences.

by Jason Paul Remfrey

On the 1st of June 1998, in the darkness of a Wellington evening, I was at a train station waiting to catch a train back to Wellington.  All of what I had gone through in the previous weeks would come to a head, and it seemed I would be rewarded for my spiritual efforts, and everything I worked so hard to achieve would bear fruit.  What was to happen will stay with me for the rest of my life.

It was a cool, crisp, calm winters evening, at night, and there was no-one else about.  It was quiet too, and still.  There was no wind to speak of, for what in my mind seemed like many, many miles around me.

My mind turned inwards, and I began to see and sense with a clear spiritual vision.  As I looked upon an ordinary bush on the side of the tracks, I saw Paradise in that bush.  How long had I been blind to the beauty around me?  I realised this would be a vision everyone would one-day share, the beauty of Creation.

Then I turned further inwards and began to experience nothing but positive emotion.  It was as if every positive emotion that was in existence was coursing through me, each for just a fraction of a second, so briefly I could not tell what each emotion was.  It was exhilarating.  Then there was pure positivity, an experience of what is known as “Beyond the Duality”.

Then I became aware of my heart – my Spirit.  It was constantly renewing itself, forever new.  I knew then that Spirit was eternal, and although the physical body grows old and eventually dies, Spirit lives on.  I felt that time didn’t exist.

I became aware of how truly fortunate we all are to have a God as benevolent as the one we do have – one that is totally positive in every respect, having only our best interests at heart, loving us unconditionally and only wanting the best for each and every one of us.  With this, I was able to experience such an important aspect of God, leaving me feeling truly grateful and fortunate to have been created by a Creator such as He.

The strongest sense of compassion then came over me.

Next, I saw myself as a soul amongst billions, and it felt like I was a grain of sand on a beach.  It was an extremely humbling and beautiful experience.  Then there was the absolute brilliance of God, and I recognised that God was beyond our concept of intelligence, masterminding Creation in every respect.

Seeing through God’s eyes, I recognised that every soul is equal.  Every person in this world seems to have a status, either high or low, but in reality, all are equal in God’s eyes.

Becoming aware of the expansiveness of the Universe, I recognised how insignificant my knowledge was in relation to the grandeur and infinite nature of Creation, and I knew I knew nothing at all.

Moments later, I had a feeling of the absolute truth of all that I was going through. 

I realised that with all my imagination could dream up, it could not come close to how incredible and amazing the truth, and this experience, really was.  It is as though God has something so great in store for us, we could not imagine how great that really is, and I got to experience it.

Words could not describe all that I was experiencing, as it was beyond words, and I realised that in the future, conversations of the heart, and emotion without words, would be the most powerful form of communication.

An experience of leaving the past behind came over me next, as if all the bad I had gone through no longer had any meaning or could influence me.  It was liberating, and I sensed I had “wiped the slate clean”.

Following this I became aware of other dimensions of existence around me, life forms such as the Devic kingdom, where fairies, unicorns and other non-visible beings lived.

Finally, I saw a vision of the future.  A “sixth sense” showed me a porthole, and I knew this was a link to the next world where we would all be transported to.

After these experiences subsided, I slowly came back to “reality”.

Deciding not to go to Wellington, I headed my way to a friend’s house, about a 15-minute walk away.  It was at her house that I would have one of the most memorable moments that made up this experience…

In her kitchen, music was playing on her computer.  The kitchen was beautiful, where she had painted it in bright colours.  The cupboards were swirls of gold, and criss-crosses of colour decorated the room.

The music that was playing was Roy Orbison, but I was not particularly attentive to the lyrics.  As Roy’s song played, I heard the word “love” and I went into a state of cosmic ecstasy.  I was no longer aware of the room.  All I was aware of was a feeling of bliss and what I can only imagine is “nirvana”.  It was intoxicating, divine, unconditional love.  My vision faded and all I could see was brilliant light.

It only lasted a few short moments, and then the feeling ended.  There in front of me was my friend, asking me a question.  I remember thinking to myself as I looked at her, aware she had not experienced this for herself at that same time, that if I could be the only person to have experienced this, it would be of no use at all, and totally selfish.