Who Created the Stars?

by Jason Remfrey

A story for children. Feel free to illustrate this story

Who created the stars?
Who created Mars?
Who created you?
Who created me?

elsaWho lives in every dog?
Who lives in every frog?
Who lives in every tree?
Who helps us all to see?

Who is it that makes you laugh?
What’s that warm water in your bath?
Who is it that makes you giggle?
Who is it that helps you wriggle?

God it is who does these things,
God it is who hears you sing,
God it is who loves you so,
God it is who falls as snow.

God loves everyone,
No matter what they’ve done,
He sees us shining like the Sun,
He wants us all to have some fun.

God has made a place for us,
Full of joy and light and love,
When it’s time we’ll all be there,
With friends and family without a care.

Paradise is a place to stay,
A place to play and play and play,
With so much to see and much to do,
A place for me, and a place for you!

You are like a precious jewel,
You are so funny and so cool,
When you get to God’s great Home,
It’ll be better than you could possibly know!

stars-unicorn-with-girl-croppedFly up high in the sky,
Succeed in everything you try,
Do what you want and be what you’ll be,
You won’t need money because everything’s free.

Your favourite things will be there too,
And everything you need to see you through,
You’ll never cry another tear,
You’ll have nothing left to fear.

Magical animals and lots of fairies,
Unicorns and exciting stories,
Parties which will never end,
And gardens too that you can tend.

God it is who gives you this,
God gives you this with a kiss,
God it is who loves you so,
God it is who helps you grow.

You won’t have to wait much longer,
For every moment it grows stronger,
So when you go to sleep tonight,
God will hug you very tight.

God will visit you in your dreams,
Where you can be a king or queen,
Showing you everything that’s great,
Not much more you’ll have to wait!

It’s time to finish so remember now,
God loves you like a beautiful flower,
He loves you as His precious child,
He loves you even when you’re wild!

Bye-bye now, be good, be well,
What great stories you’ll have to tell,
When you’re home in God’s great land,
As He takes you by the hand.

Much love,