Collective Teachings

A ten year project, not so much teaching, but rather sharing my thoughts and feelings on all sorts of subjects.  I have every intention of publishing this (online at first) at some point in the future. 294 pages… Read more


Fuel for the Mind and Soul

74 page mini-book (7 x 9 cm)


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I hold these quotations very close to my heart.  I hope you enjoy reading them, as much as I enjoyed creating them.

The only thing you can do with power is give it back…  Read more

Affirmations, Contemplations, Meditations

affirmations copy

The love inside a child’s heart sees my beauty, even though at times I do not

When I look at the trees, I see all the Mother Earth provides for me, as each branch and leaf gives me the air that feeds my very breath.  In this, I recognise that my body is the Earth itself…  Read more

The Tunnel


A short story of a woman’s journey to enlightenment.  This story had a woman in tears as I read it to an audience.

At a point in the young woman’s life, things started to go rather badly. All that she tried to do went amiss, and no-one seemed to want to talk to her anymore. It was as if the world had turned against her… Read more

Who Created the Stars?


A story for children.

Who lives in every dog?
Who lives in every frog?
Who lives in every tree?
Who helps us all to see?… Read more

Learn to Meditate


Meditation is an important tool in discovering not only more about ourselves, but everything around us.

If your mind begins to wander, let it, and then when you are ready, gradually bring your attention back to the meditation once more. It is a process where, in time, all your negativity is cleared and released… Read more

Meditations to try


Seven guided meditations, including a meditation for two.

Imagine yourself in a small open temple. Pillars support the roof, and the temple is made of pure white marble… Read more



Poetry relating to feelings and emotions inspired from the heart.

Songs had more meaning
All you need is love
The fab four once sang
And now I can see it’s true… Read more


“Guidance”. Felt, pen, acrylic and digital. 2002… View artwork

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From wallpaper’s to Instagram.