Fuel for the Mind and Soul

78 page mini-book.
Quotations, Affirmations, Contemplations, Meditations.

The Collective Teachings

This is a book that I started in 2010; I have copied below its table of contents to give some idea of what it covers.  Certain aspects are extremely controversial, and for this reason, it cannot be published until a later date…  Read more


Story:  The Tunnel

A woman’s journey to enlightenment. A channelled story.

At a point in the young woman’s life, things started to go rather badly. All that she tried to do went amiss, and no-one seemed to want to talk to her anymore. It was as if the world had turned against her. After a while though, people began to speak to her again. She knew not of what had happened, and did not know why for some time she seemingly did not have any kind of meaningful contact with anything or anyone else in the outside world…  Read  more

Story:  Who Created the Stars?

A story for children.

Who created the stars?
Who created Mars?
Who created you?
Who created me?…  Read more


Learn to Meditate

Meditation is an important tool in discovering not only more about yourself, but about life in general.  Uncover your inner self…  Read more

Meditations to try

Imagine yourself in a small open temple.  Pillars support the roof, and the temple is made of pure white marble…  Read more


What is omniscience?  It is the ability to retrieve all sorts of interesting, relevant and useful information that a person may need in order to bring resolution to their soul…  Read more



Fifty quotations I have come up with over the past fifteen years.

1:  Everyone knows the truth.  They just need to hear it
2:  Life is a party. It’s just that not everybody arrives at the same time
3:  Learning to think before you speak takes time…  Read more

Quotes by Others

Inspiring quotes from various people and sources.

You have an extraordinary destiny,
something greater than you could
ever have imagined
Chronicles of Narnia
Read more



My reflections on the journey I have had with mental illness.

Spending every penny
Delusions of grandeur
Out all and every night
My senses I pandered…  Read more


Poetry relating to feelings and emotions inspired from the heart.

Songs had more meaning
All you need is love
The fab four once sang
And now I can see it’s true…  Read more