Kia ora!

purple-lotus-croppedMy name is Jason, and on this website you will find a collection of my thoughts, interests, writing and more.  Having been on a spiritual path since 1992, I would like to think there is a spiritual aspect to myself, and many of my blog posts (and writing) tend to reflect this.

With what I have written I sometimes refer to “God”, but I am not religious, rather, I feel we have a Creator that is free from any preconceptions, who judges no one, and who “manages” everything while still giving everyone freedom of choice, guiding us all the way.

So yes, I admit I have a real interest in spirituality, and as a result, I enjoy putting my feelings and understandings down on “paper”.

You are welcome to leave comments on what I have written, I do read and value these, and I also have a Facebook page which supplements this site.

Thank you for your interest,