220 pages. Click to find out more.Each and every one of us live in a world where so much seems to be going on around us, and much of it is reported in the media in a negative light, and in many cases, this is completely understandable.  But for me, there is often more going on beneath the surface with any event, local or international, than is often initially evident.

Call it intuition, vision, omniscience, meditation, heartfelt recognition, or whatever…  Each and every one of us has the ability to “see beyond the veil”, to access knowledge that will not only help us discover more about our own lives, but also everything and everyone around us, with depth and clarity.

Much of the material I have written, including on my blog, comes from a part of me which I have taken the time over the past twenty (or so) years to develop.  I have been on a journey, just like we all have, and for me it has been a particularly spiritual one.

I hope you find this site interesting.  On the blog page you are welcome to leave a comment on any post, I do read these, and I value your thoughts and feelings relating to what I have written.  I also have a website that allows you to ask questions.

The light of God, and the light of the Universe is with you.

Much love,