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My writing sometimes differs from the norm, unorthodox, inspired by the otherworldly perhaps, but I enjoy learning from “The University of Life”, then sharing my thoughts and feelings with anyone who might be interested. @ Upper Hutt, New Zealand.

“Fuel for the Mind and Soul”
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Chilling in Summer

Sometimes I refer to “God”, but I am not religious… and I’m not trying to convert anybody.  Rather, I feel we have a Creator that is free from any preconceptions, who judges no one, who “manages” everything, while still giving everyone freedom of choice, guiding and supporting us all the way, and allowing us to learn the lessons we need to learn, thus allowing us to grow.  Even if you don’t believe in God, as I like to say, He believes in You.

As well as “Fuel for the Mind and Soul”, another book I have written, “Collective Teachings”, is a 300-page decade long project, something I have found entirely rewarding and fulfilling to create, although more about sharing ideas than trying to actively teach, or force anything on anyone. Although I would never say it is complete – as it’s a bit like a child that never stops growing – I would describe it as “mature”, after having evolved for so long, and having several iterations.

Anyway, I’ve seen monoliths that are entirely cumbersome to read, with font so small it would take an hour to read a single page, so one of my aims was to avoid this with my own writing, and make it as interesting and relevant as possible along the way. It won’t be everyone’s cuppa tea, and it won’t be available for some time, but when the time is right, my thinking is to publish it online at first, at no cost to buy. We all have dreams, after all, so why not “put something out there” and then see where life takes you?

Offering it as a freebee might mean it makes it onto the bottom shelf, at least.  For myself, it’s all about the process, and trusting there is an audience out there, however obscure at this time, rather than holding out for some unrealistic outcome.  Trying to have as few expectations as possible, having the attitude “you never know what the future holds”, I feel can only be a healthy strategy, and hold me in good stead for the future, whatever that might be.

My books, and much of what I do online, well, I’m not out to become famous (God forbid), and I’m content having enough to be comfortable, have some nice things, to experience life a bit, and to discover and explore, but, to be honest, I would rather be happy and live in a world where everyone else was happy too, than to have a whole lot of stuff I’ll never need, or use. For someone who’s made regrettable clothing purchases more often than I’d like to admit, Op Shop’s have seen me walk through their doors to make a donation too many times to remember. I’m a bit of a minimalist, and that suits me perfectly.

Like for millions, my writing/social media endeavours come from interests I am passionate about, moving me forward in directions unknown, every day a positive and fulfilling adventure. Like so many things, I feel something shouldn’t be pursued if it’s not fun, or not of need – and if everything is “pushing against you” when you’re trying to do something, if time and time again obstacles get in your way, it’s probably a good sign that what you’re doing is not worth doing.  “Follow your heart”, as the saying goes, and I can’t see anything that will stop me following my own heart, or my creative nature for that matter, at least not until my time has come.

Hutt Valley, New Zealand

I genuinely feel this material will prove interesting to some, now, in the future, or whenever, otherwise I probably wouldn’t feel like doing it, and I certainly see my efforts as more than just an interesting hobby that comes and goes.  I have run workshops and meditation evenings in the past, and these have all been well received, as have the books I have written, well, those I have shared widely at least, many of which can be found on this website.

Passionate, hopefully not too obsessive though, I live and breathe what I feel is true in my heart, but I can leave it all behind for a medium flat white.  Perhaps a bit altruistic, I like to think I am doing my little bit for the world, following my creativity and inspiration, and seeing where that takes me.  That’s what helps make the world go around, I feel, and a whole lot of love of course!

“We are all shining threads in the tapestry of life, not one more, or less important than the other.”

So, yes, I admit I have a real interest in spirituality, and as a result, I enjoy putting my feelings, thoughts, and understandings down on “paper”.  I am nowhere near perfect, I am always learning, and something that I felt inspired to write many, many years ago, and that mirrors my experience, is that “enlightenment is when you know you know nothing at all”.

Thank you for your interest,