My name is Jason, and on this website you will find a collection of my thoughts, interests, writing and more.  Having been on a spiritual path since 1992, I would like to think there is a spiritual aspect to myself, and many of my blog posts (and writing) tend to reflect this.

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With what I have written I sometimes refer to “God”, but I am not religious, rather, I feel we have a Creator that is free from any preconceptions, who judges no one, and who “manages” everything while still giving everyone freedom of choice, guiding us all the way.

So yes, I admit I have a real interest in true spirituality, and as a result, I enjoy putting my feelings and understandings down on “paper”.  Much of this writing you can find on this website, and much more is contained within a book I have written.

Feature: Euthanasia

Currently a bill is being debated in the New Zealand Parliament to legalise assisted dying.  My thoughts, feelings and understandings can be found here (or click the image below).


You are welcome to leave comments on what I have written, I do read and value these, and I also have a Facebook page which supplements this site.

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