by Jason Remfrey

Poetry relating to feelings and emotions inspired from the heart.


In the middle of work
An awareness drifted over me
And so much made sense

Songs had more meaning
All you need is love
The fab four once sang
And now I see it’s true

Money means nothing
You would give it all up
For this love
This love


Compassion flowed
When I saw her face
A look so brief
Seen through the gate

Seeing her heart
Struggling with pain
My heart reached out
As I’ve felt the same

My first emotion
Gifted by Him
A glimpse of the future
Where there is no sin


You spoke of your son
Lost years ago
And I understood then
How the pain, it does flow

My heart it was open
And shared in your grief
Taken from life
By death, the last thief

I hope I have helped
Now that you know
I felt it too
And the love, it does flow


Feeling love all the time
Is how we are naturally
To feel anything else
Is a struggle to be free

Love is so true
And when hidden it shows
We have to work out our problems
We still need to grow

A knowledge that’s given
By God’s Grace alone
Which came from the heart
True intelligence shown


Soft like water
It came to me
Gratitude to God
I had thankfully

For all He has done
To grant me this life
Knowing He’s with me
Through good times and strife

Even though it was
Subtle and so small
It let my heart know
He’d heard my call


Living in reality
An ordinary man
Aware of situation
Feet on solid land

Knowing for the first time
Just what it is to live
Forgoing past and future
Nothing left to give

Living in the moment
No matter what that means
In the end will make us
Great kings and queens

A way to find the truth
A way to find the heart
The stillness of the mind allows
A way for a new start


Seeing mother and child
Love so evident
A warmth of feeling comes over me
I feel her hearts intent

Then with an older couple
Who struggle with their part
I feel the love they share
And return it to their heart

These feelings show an opening
A warmth of heart revealed
One day I hope my heart
Will at last be fully healed