What I have enjoyed reading, viewing, watching, and listening to, that has really resonated with me.

Brendan Grant

New Zealand artist

I was fortunate to meet Brendan at Upper Hutt’s Spring Festival in 2022, and was both impressed and delighted by everything he had created.

Brendan’s bold style and creativity is so easy to enjoy. I love exploring Wellington, as well at the Hutt Valley where I live, so I feel a genuine affinity with many of the landmarks Brendan has painted, with that “been there too” feeling.

Claudia Disney

New Zealand author

Creator of The Unigon Trilogy, and the author of a number of books for children, ‘I Am a Drama Llama’, ‘Q the Friendly Earthquake Giant’, ‘How to Wash Your Cat’, and more.

Having been fortunate to discover Claudia’s writing, I am loving ‘Life Through Jam-Jar Glasses’, looking forward to each chapter, and have just entered the world of the Unigon. I find Claudia’s storytelling style very visual and easy to read, delightful, and her Jam-Jar humour and sense of fun is endearing and engaging. A gifted author, Claudia’s books can be enjoyed by anyone, of any age.

Heather Ross

New Zealand author

It was lovely meeting Heather, and I was inspired to buy her book. Even if I hadn’t met her in person, I would like to think I would have picked up this book anyway on someone’s recommendation, or out of curiosity – I have always been curious to get an idea of rural life. I enjoyed the style of writing, it was delightful.

Turns, twists, and tales galore, which along the way gave me some real insight into farming life in New Zealand, just what I was looking for. So much work being on a farm! And I’m sure I don’t even know the half of it. It was easy to be carried away for an enjoyable ride 🙂 Yes, being a city kid I’ve always wanted to get some idea of what rural life was all about, and I came away satisfied and confident that I am now better educated 🙂 Very enjoyable, really nice.

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I felt inspired to buy this, and I wasn’t disappointed.


Māori wisdom for a contented life lived in harmony with our planet. By Dr Hinemoa Elder.  ISBN 9780143775225.

As I described in my Instagram post; “I found a kiwi treasure. Open a page and find a gem.  Cute format with lots of meaning.  For someone like me who struggles to concentrate longer than between two ads, just the tonic :)”

The Eden Express: A Memoir of Insanity

A book I was loaned by a friend…

(ISBN 1-58322-543-9) is a 1975 book by Mark Vonnegut, son of American writer Kurt Vonnegut, about Mark’s experiences in the late 1960s and his major psychotic breakdown and recovery.

For me, this gives great insight into the mind of someone who is suffering from psychosis.  I am sure that just as I can, many who have suffered schizophrenia and bi-polar can also relate to the experiences shared in this book.


An album (and single) by New Zealand singer, musician, artist, and performer Brooke Fraser.

Brooke’s mother, Lynda, was my teacher in 1983, while she was pregnant with Brooke, where she had to cease teaching mid-way through the year to have Brooke. You are a treasure, and a gift Brooke, may your music reverberate though the astral and worldly realms forever and a day.

Love the lyric “And avoid the impending birth of who I was born to become”. Incredible album, my anthem music for some time, and is still one I play even now.


Magic Line

An absolute favourite of mine, by New Zealand band Stellar*, fronted by Boh Runga and a talented bunch of Kiwi muso’s 🙂



A movie from 1998…


Really enjoyed this movie.  After I went through my own spiritual “process”, I found the movie was “deeper” for me; as the concept of “what you wish for will come true” took on new meaning, especially where it related to the deepest subconscious mind.

IMDB – Sphere.  From a novel written by Michael Crichton.