Fuel for the Mind and Soul

80-page pocket-sized book (7cm x 9cm) of quotations, contemplations, affirmations, meditations, and more. Full colour. Signed. Price: $15 (+$6 p&p)

From over 20 years of note taking, each of these quotations and phrases were not so much “thought up”, but rather inspired by interesting and often quirky everyday experiences. Often with a spiritual hue, writing these down when the “light bulb” went on allowed this book to evolve into what it is now.

To accompany the book

Insight cards

Twenty-one original quotations, presented in a distinctive and eye-catching display. Place these anywhere you might like a boost of inspiration. All 21 cards are signed. 9cm x 9cm. Includes a quality card holder of your choosing.
From: $30 (+$7 p&p)
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From others

  • What a wonderful book to ponder life on!! I gave my friend one and he loved it – Bunra
  • Just finished reading the book… Loved it..loved it…loved it… It was definitely my cup of tea – Freddy
  • I read some of it last night before I went to sleep. It was really good! – Alannah
  • Every day we open a page and read what it has to say – Tali

Printed Edition 4.06.005

ISBN 978-0-473-60594-0 (Pbk)
ISBN 978-0-473-60596-4 (PDF)
ISBN 978-0-473-60595-7 (Pbk POD)