Meditation in schools; Interesting article

Here is an interesting article (for me at least) from today’s Dominion Post.  Meditation is being taught in some schools, promoting philosophical thought among children…

Schoolchildren tackle philosophy

Philosophy and meditation added to the curriculum

If reading, writing and maths are not enough for young minds, some Wellington 6-year-olds are also tackling life’s great existential questions.  That’s if they are not busy meditating, of course.

Philosophy and meditation are on the timetable at two Wellington schools, which have introduced the unorthodox subjects to engage children and help them to use their minds in different ways.  The eternal question of “Why?” is addressed during philosophy at Island Bay School, while at Miramar’s Holy Cross School, meditation is seen as another way for children to feel calm and closer to God.

When visited by The Dominion Post, a classroom of Holy Cross children sat with their eyes shut tightly and legs crossed, breathing slowly.  “Meditation makes me feel happy, and also afterwards it makes me relaxed and calmful,” said [Name], 10, after the five-minute session.  Others had been thinking about God, or about those less fortunate. “I feel sad for all the people because some people have no food, and I felt sad for the people who have no homes or anything,” said [Name], 9.

Principal [Name] said the school had introduced meditation so children could learn the importance of taking time out.  “In this day and age, when everybody can be really busy, we think teaching kids the skill of slowing down and just having a bit of quiet time is a life skill, really. It’s asking them to stop and just be a little bit reflective.”

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