Energy expressed

Sometimes you’ve just got to let creativity flow, it can’t be left aside for another day, or for a later hour. That’s certainly my experience, especially over the past month or two.

Creating something that could resemble a logo, which naturally meant I could call it some kind of branding, all a very natural progression, something completely unexpected as far as being planned beforehand, or even entering in my mind. It has all proved more than useful, and has been something positive that I can say I have achieved. Nothing world changing, just something I can call my own.

Sometimes even completing the most mundane of tasks, sorted when/while the energy was there, created a flow where I was led to my next step, then my next, at least what I needed to (or should do) next. Nothing new for most people I guess, but it’s nice to join everyone else 🙂

It’s a bit, really, in every sense of the word, not being too lazy, not that there’s anything wrong with choosing a chocolate over a chore. There needs to be plenty of time to chill, relax, and unwind. These have certainly been my experiences, and it’s fun to realise that as long as I “step out of the way”, and let some sort of energy move my footsteps, everything will work out well. A degree of faith I guess, but you won’t see me at Easter carrying a cross on my back thankfully 🙂 Choosing one café or coffee stop over another; even the small things can lead to more interesting eventualities. Everyone has their processes, of course.

So yeah, a website too, credit card processing (thanks to Bunra Prak of Be-Happiness pointing me to Stripe – such a great system), business cards, stickers to make product look five times better, finding the perfect cellophane bags for my Insight cards (@ Moore Wilsons – the same product was there 20 years ago lol). In other words, everything came together with minimum fuss. The Hutt Valley is a great spot to find everything you want and need, in any case.

Not too much eco-friendly/eco-conscious transport options taken, but I did manage to get into town last week on the train, first time in six weeks, absolutely love it, but sometimes it really has to be the Corolla.

Wishing everyone out there a great week ahead, here’s me thinking of summer sports even though it’s winter – there’s always something going on on the other side of the planet, especially when the international cricket season kicks in.

Finally, big shout out to Cat, Caro and everyone at Writer’s Plot, you are all legends and I owe you a debt 🙂 If I ever have the means…

Take care,


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