The last while

Image; Dandelion café in Petone, now Pandoro bakery.

Two months ago, in case anyone hasn’t caught up already, my first self-published book, “Fuel for the Mind and Soul” was printed, in a modest run of just 54 copies, it was a really worthwhile process, and endless learning ensued.

Through gauging people’s reactions, little insights and my own gut feelings on the project, the cover changed three times (first impressions as they say?), and I have since made numerous changes, and what I like to think are considerable improvements, although to those who already have the third (October) edition, it may all glaze into one.

A lot that has helped to shape the book has been little bits of serendipity here, a random yet uncanny overheard word there, and it may not be everyone’s cuppa tea I admit, but I feel completely comfortable knowing this is my truth, and to deviate from that would make me miserable! Even if only one person finds it interesting – and I have had feedback that it’s been received really well – anyway, in essence, I’ve enjoyed the process – a bit of fun.

If there is part of my “writing” which resonates with people in some way, then that is such good outer confirmation, but for me, it is my own inner confirmation which is top priority. I love the writing process (even though my mind can only concentrate for short busts when it comes to reading).

I have been fortunate to stumble upon the fantastic New Zealand-only bookshop “Writer’s Plot Reader’s Read”, so close to me in Upper Hutt, and have met some amazing people, Cat, Caro & Ian, the volunteers Toni, and Caoilfhionn, to name those I have met. Their support has been wonderful, and they have placed my book online, for anyone to discover and/or purchase, which makes me feel all warm and grateful inside 🙂

Edition four is due to hit the press mid-January. As I have pretty much exhausted ideas on how to improve or re-work the quotations, contemplations, affirmations and meditations that inspiration has already provided, I feel it will be an edition that I can call “mature” (a term borrowed from my System Programmer Software days at the Trentham Computer Centre).

Anyway, as I feel this world is all about energy, we’re all atoms and molecules after all, books can bring more than just joy – words can come alive in unseen ways – chain reactions can happen from one person to the next often in the most weird and wonderful ways. That’s probably me being a bit esoteric though, and I digress 🙂

I’m looking forward to Christmas day, it’s always fun to have everyone around, and in the preamble wandering through Queensgate within the hustle and bustle that is the shopping frenzy, is always an experience. Thank goodness for the additional parking.

Take care out there, Merry Christmas to everyone, and have the best New Year 🙂


Order your copy of “Fuel for the Mind and Soul” here (takes you to the Writer’s Plot bookshop online store) – New edition drops mid-January.

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