Buy one get one free

I must admit, I’ve been duped.  Years ago I saw an advertisement on the telly saying how much washing powder I could save, and how “Eco-friendly” I could be by throwing in a wonderfully ion-charged cleaning disc into my washing machine.

Of course back then (in the early 1990’s) I was very conscious of being protective and respectful of my environment that is Mother Earth, not that I am not now, so of course when I saw this being sold I immediately thought of all the fishes in the sea I could save if my washing powder wasn’t being sent down the drain.

So I bought one, then after a few weeks I realised my clothes were getting smelly, so chucked it out, realising I had been duped.  Lesson learned.

Anyway, today I’ve seen it all again (and in all honesty, I see it often).  The typical scenario – some example of a product effortlessly doing on the TV what it claims to be able to do, fooling unsuspecting pundits into giving away their hard-earned money on something that a) Doesn’t work as advertised (as often they are demonstrated in extremely controlled conditions), or 2) Will break after one month (perhaps that’s why they give you two for the price of one).

I must admit I get angry about this.  I see what is being sold, knowing it is purely for the purpose of making money (as opposed to many high quality products out there which do the job they claim, and do it well).  Of course they give you a phone number to ring where there is no price given – no doubt to give you the hard sell when they see you are interested.

The product I saw at the time, after looking at their website, was being sold for $999.00 (“save” $500).  This is utter blatant exploitation. I saw enough of the product that I needed to, and I recognised just how shoddy it was.  These advertisers are preying on the naivety of, well, gullible and hopeful people like I was all those years ago.

There is karma accrued in this kind of scenario, and lessons will thus be set up in order to help resolve these debts.  The motivations and intentions behind any “sale” is taken into account when it comes into taking money/wealth off another, where this may be summed up as service and respect as opposed to greed.  Again, this karma will need to be worked through, at some stage or another, in the form of lessons for those who are involved.

As in the case with someone I am aware of, millions can be lost where millions were “earned” through such endeavours.

Phew!  That’s that off my chest.

Much love,


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